Does the first cervical TCT check hurt?

1. What is the gynecological TCT test? Is it painful should be anti -cancer, and the other is HPV that is anti -human nipple tumor or something, mainly electronic vaginal mirrors. Pain may be cervical […]

Flash warts are infected in the same room

1. Flat wart -shaped warts are transmitted through sexual life Silk warts: silk warts like small meat thorns. The northern is called u0026 quot; Xiaoshu u0026 quot; or u0026 quot; small cloth bag u0026 quot; […]

HPV picture infection

1. What are the symptoms of HPV virus infected with HPV virus? As we all know, HPV is a necessary condition for cervical cancer, but this virus does not have significant reactions after entering the […]

How much is a wart laser once at a time

1. How much does laser treatment of condyloma acuminatum How much money is at a time is not the key to treat condyloma acuminatum. It is useless to cut leeks. It is sinful, because this […]

What are the symptoms of gynecological HPV positive

1. What are the symptoms of gynecological HPV positive? Hello, this HPV virus subtype is based on your infected HPV virus. Different sub -type infections are different from different parts, and different subtype viruses are […]

Can it be cured?

1. Can I have condyloma acuminatum completely cured? Condyloma acuminatum has the characteristics of high recurrence, which makes people miserable, which will not only cause the patient’s physical discomfort, but also cause patients to withstand […]

What is caused by low -risk 61 positive?

1. HPV61 positive, how caused it, and I have no benign behavior HPV61 positive causes of this condition, which is likely to be caused by low physical resistance and unclean sexual life . If patients […]

Why is there a lot of leucorrhea and taste

1. I have a lot of leucorrhea, and what’s the matter with the taste There are many situations caused by the white band. It can be determined after reading it. For exampleGo to the hospital […]