Does the drug affect the time of menstruation?

Introduction: If you cannot stop drugs or reduce the amount, you should mainly treat the disease. After healing, you should try to restore menstruation because the disease itself can also cause menstrual changes. When adolescent […]

Practice of puppets

Introduction: 350 grams of catfish, 2OO grams of essence, 100 grams of oil, a little onion ginger, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, MSG. The method of lotus bag catfish Raw material: 350 grams of catfish, […]

White -collar conditioning irregular health methods

Introduction: Such a cold stimulation is likely to affect ovarian function, cause ovulation disorders, menstrual disorders or stomach pain. The weather outside is hot and can stay in the air -conditioned house for a day. […]

Women who love coquettish are healthier

Introduction: The result of those who do not like to cry and do not use tears to eliminate emotional stress is that it affects physical health and causes some diseases to deteriorate, such as colitis […]

Irregular menstruation or the following reasons

Introduction: Research also shows that women eat too little fat, and ovulation dysfunction occurs after a long time, causing estrogen secretion to reduce the secretion of estrogen, which causes delay or even amenorrhea in menstruation. […]

Menstruation is late or infertility signs

Introduction: Most of the neurological anorexia women are mostly personal, not easy to cooperate with others, are lonely and thinner, and are often accompanied by depression. At the beginning of the girl’s first tide, 11-17 […]

Normal menstruation is really healthy for women

Introduction: The characteristics of menstrual blood are not solidified and dark red. In addition to the blood in menstrual blood, it also contains fragments, cervical mucus and vaginal epithelial cells. The cyclical vaginal bleeding of […]