8 kinds of fruits, antioxidant beauty is great

It is dry in autumn, and the fruits of various exclusive season have also begun to be listed one after another. Various fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. They can nutrition body, promote metabolism, increase the body’s resistance and immunity, have the effects of health nourishing, disease prevention and treatment

1. Apple

contains sufficient water. The flesh is very crisp and sweet, which is also a must -have in our daily life. Apple contains trace elements zinc, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and carotene pectin and cellulose. These are the best ingredients of beauty skin and have a very good moisturizing effect on the skin. Apple is also rich in fruit acid ingredients that can make sweet birch pores unobstructed and effectively remove acne.

2. Strawberry

Fresh red and tender, juicy flesh, containing special rich fruit aroma. It is a fruit with very high nutritional value that can be supplemented by the skin. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which can intelligently whiten the skin and have a good effect on improving blackheads and acne. It can also promote digestion. The rich acid juice in strawberries can balance the pH value of the skin. At the same time, strawberries can also consolidate the gums, fresh breath, and moisturize the throat.

Three, kiwi

rich in vitamin C, which is five to six times of equivalent citrus. The rich vitamin E does not have a powerful antioxidant effect, which can increase the ability to eliminate spots and acne and enhance the skin’s anti -desertification ability. Fruit contains sugar, rich amino acids in protein, twelve proteases, vitamin B1, C, carotene, and calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, pigment and other ingredients. These are the ingredients that are beneficial to human skin, which can help the skin relieve the dryness brought by autumn.


葡萄最具營養價值的是葡萄籽,葡萄籽具有超強抗氧化能力,是維他命e的50倍,能延緩衰老、維護皮膚健康、阻止The invasion of the skin to prevent arteriosclerosis is also known as his life. It is recommended to buy grape content products or drink the whole juice of the grapes.

Five, tomatoes

Also known as tomato, the flesh is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, which can intelligently whiten and moisturize the skin, supplement skin moisture, and help the skin enhance the water lock function. The contained folic acid is a substance that must be brought by the human body. In particular, the lycopene contained in has a very good effect on our health, and tomatoes are also called “love fruit” by people. The rich acid juice in tomatoes can help the skin balance the pH value. Can improve dark and rough skin.

6. Citrus

It is rich in fruit acid and vitamin, which can help improve the skin secretion of the skin and promote the absorption of water in the skin. The content of rich carotene (vitamin A) is second only to apricot, which is higher than other fruits. OtherIn addition, the organic acid contained in oranges can also enhance skin elasticity. Wipe your face with orange peel every day to flatten the small fine lines of the surface.

Seven, Lemon

Warehouse called vitamin C, which is rich in vitamin C several times more than other fruits, can increase white skin and deodorize skin muscle spots.Lemon is a very sour fruit. This sour taste comes from citric acid. It can soften the skin stratum corneum, remove dead skin, promote skin metabolism, enable the skin to better absorb water and enhance moisturizing function.

Eight, Pear

The tender and juicy, sweet and sour peasted pears enjoy the “natural mineral water”, which can supplement skin moisture in large quantities.Contains protein, fat, sugar, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, various vitamins, etc., which have the effects of lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin and clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs, eliminating sputum, clearing heat, and detoxifying.

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