Hot and sour soup weight loss method burns fat

Guide: But in the morning, eating hot and sour soup in the morning will stimulate the gastric mucosa, affect gastrointestinal function, and may also have hypoglycemia! In addition, the sodium sodium containing hot and sour soup sold on the market is high, and the risk of too much consumption or gastric cancer can be made. Essence

At present, many women prevail in drinking hot and sour soup to lose weight. The hot and sour people can help digestion and quickly lose weight. However, how to eat hot and sour soup, and when you eat it. Look at the MM of hot and sour soup to lose weight, and it is effective to drink to successfully reduce fat.

It is easy to drink sour soup in the morning and only drink spicy soup, and it is easy to stimulate gastric mucosa on an empty stomach

Many women are currently popular with hot and sour soup to lose weight. “The sourness must definitely help digestion and can lose weight quickly. I wo n’t eat anything in the morning, just drink a bowl of sour soup.” Xiaojin said that she and the sisters around me intended to use the hot and sour soup to the end.

In this regard, nutritional experts said that acid can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, spicy can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and “theory” can indeed lose weight. However, eating hot and sour soup in the morning can stimulate gastric mucosa, affect gastrointestinal function, and may also have hypoglycemia. In addition, the sodium content of sodium sodium sold on the market is high, and the risk of excessive consumption or gastric cancer can be made. Citizens can make fresh and sour sour soup.

To a certain extent, it is beneficial to weight loss

The nutritional department Zeng Jing said that the basic principles of weight loss are like “cash access.” “That is, the total calories of intake can achieve the purpose of reducing weight than the energy consumption,” she said.

Many people say that “sour and spicy can lose weight”. In this regard, Zeng Jing pointed out that spicy can effectively promote human blood circulation to a certain extent, thereby enhancing metabolism and increasing energy consumption; You can remove the fishy and greasy, make the food more refreshing, and the amino acid content of vinegar is more abundant. The enzyme component in which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, and help improve constipation and other symptoms and help excretion. “But the main significance of salty, sour, sweet, spicy, fragrant, fresh, and bitter taste in cooking is still seasoning. Weight loss still needs to be achieved by proper control of diet and increased exercise. Some kind of soup, she pointed out.

Anti -stomach affects the stomach and stomach

Zeng Jing said that from a medical perspective, it is not advisable to consume hot and sour soup in the morning. Drinking irritating soup on an empty stomach will stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, cause mucosal congestion, affect the gastrointestinal and intestines Function; Second, I did not eat overnight. In order to meet the needs of work and study in the morning, breakfast must be relatively abundant. In the morning, when the small intestine is best absorbed in the day, just drinking soup may lead to malnutrition, resulting in a poor spirit, and even some girls will have hypoglycemia. And if you do n’t eat in the morning, there will be more foods that will fill the human body at noon or at night, and it is more likely to gain weight.

Zeng Jing further explained that hot and sour soup is not an ideal breakfast. From the perspective of nutrition, breakfast should includeGrain, meat, eggs, milk and fruits, such as a bowl of milk oatmeal, an egg, an apple is a good meal.In order to lose weight not to eat breakfast, drinking soup alone will not only make the body at a low level of metabolism, affect energy and physical strength, but also increase the chance of suffering from gallstones and gastrointestinal ulcers, which is not conducive to physical health.Therefore, the hot and sour soup can stay until noon or at night.

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