How much is PDC Biddi Black Carbon Enzyme Washing Fan Fan Fan Flores?

Japan’s PDC Bidi Black Carbin Enzyme Washing Fan Powder is smooth. It is easy to dissolve in the water, and there is no block. After washing, the skin feels refreshing and transparent. So how much is PDC Bidi Black Carbin Enzyme Washing Facilities?

PDC Black Carbon Enzyme Washing Powder Product Name: PDC Liftarna Enzyme Washing Powder

Cosmetic shelf life: 36 months

Limited use date: 2019-07 -29 to 2019-07-29

Specification type: Normal specifications

Cosmetics net content: 32 tablets

Brand: PDC/Bidi Xixi

Cleansing single product: Liftarna enzyme washing powder

Whether it is a special use cosmetics: No

Efficacy: Clean

Price: 99
PDC black carbon enzymes The packaging of the face powder is very convenient. The tender color girl is bursting. It can be used twice if one. Such a packaging makes people very hot. The easy -to -tear mouth is particularly good. The only packaging texture is very good. The scrub surface is black and white. It smells the taste of bamboo charcoal is very fresh. Drop a little water, dissolves when it is water, looks like gray soil. Rubbing the foam with two hands are rich and delicate.

Pink box, girl heart, and graphic explanation of the principles of bamboo charcoal and enzymes to remove blackheads. A small package, independent packaging, easy to carry. This is a pack of pouring powder, because it contains the ingredients of bamboo charcoal, it is different from other brands of white powder. Kneading with a small amount of water, the foam is not many, but the feeling of washing on the face is pretty good. It is a bit like cream on the face, slippery and comfortable. Advantages: Independent packaging is convenient for carrying and carrying. The feel is very good. After washing the face, the face will not feel very dry.

PDC Black Carbon Enzyme Washing Powder evaluates pink packaging very small girls, divided into 32 small packaging, very clean, it feels hygienic with a small bag at a time. Sprinkle it with a very small and small black powder. It quickly dissolved after the water. Hurry to rub the foam and quickly come out, very delicate. The taste is faint. After using it, I feel that the skin is very tight, moisturized, and the foaming is very delicate.

Packing powder, full of girl heart. I have used other clean flour before, Fancl, Suisai. PDC is a bit similar to Suisai, which are independent packaging. PDC, a more humane, is too small in SUISAI, and it is easy to drop the hand slippery. This strip is easy to tear away. The independent packaging one by one is easy to carry and easy to tear. Pour out the black powder, which is very delicate. Generally, I use clean flour, and I use auxiliary tools, which is easy to use. Cleaning flour should still be fully foamingOtherwise, this thin skin can not stand granular friction.Many foams are much better than rubbing directly with their hands.After the foam ends, start to wash your face.The foam is comfortable on the face, the face is clean, and it will not dry.My skin is very thin, this is not irritating to me, it is very comfortable, and the cleaning effect is good.

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