How much is POLA whitening mask? POLA whitening mask price

POLA whitening mask is a newly released product recently. Xiaobian’s name is particularly excited. Today I will introduce to you, how much is POLA whitening mask? What is the price of POLA whitening mask?

POLA whitening mask characteristics POLA newly developed whitening mask, promote the ability of cell itself Generate, prevent fine wrinkles, and color spots. The two masks are used in conjunction to achieve whitening and spots. First put the small thin sheet mask on the facial spots, and then cover the upper layer of sliced u200bu200bmask on it. Two -pronged approach to make the skin fair and translucent. This mask adds a whitening QX essence that can make the skin with transparency, the beauty ingredients unique to Whiteshot, YG essence, EG essence, whitening, and balanced skin color.

POLA Whitening Mask Price Brand: POLA

Name: White Shot QX whitening mask

Specification: 4*5 bags, mask slices (24ml) (24ml) 1*5 bag

Origin: Japan

Price: 11880 yen (about 732 yuan)

POLA whitening mask effect 1. Cells have the ability to control pigment distribution [ 123]
POLA studies have found that animal cells have the ability to control pigment distribution. When the surrounding environment is dim, the melanin will be spread in the body, and the melanin is condensed when the surrounding environment is bright. The color -changing dragon will change the color according to the degree of changes in the body light reflection in different environments.

2. The ability of epidermal cells has the ability to even skin tone

The cell has the ability to discharge abandoned substances out of the cell, and the epidermal cells also have the ability to discharge excess melanin, and the surrounding epidermal cells will absorb must definitely absorb The melanin has a melanin content of all cells to a uniform degree, thereby evenly skin tone. However, the epidermal cells containing a large amount of melanin have a weak ability to balance melanin, which leads to uneven occurrence of pigmentation and skin tone.

3. Epidermal cells have self -purification ability

Cells have the ability to break down melanin. When the skin is damaged by ultraviolet rays, a large amount of melanin is produced and a protective film on the surface of the skin. When the skin does not need melanin, the cells will decompose melanin by themselves. However, cells will also have over -lipidized melanin (usually called oil spots), which is density than ordinary melanin groups.

4. Overcolid melanin

It is easy to stay oxidized lipids in fine lines and dense parts, thereby generating over -lipidized melanin with different melanin. The increase in age, insufficient sleep, insufficient exercise, irregular daily life, irregular dietary habits are the main causes of promoting lipids in the body.

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