How much is SKII3D mask?

SKII living skin and tight face are a three -dimensional tailoring 3D mask, so the fit is quite good. Today, I want to introduce to you, how much is the SKII3D mask? What is the price of SKII living and tight face double masks?

SKII living skin and tight face double mask SK-II skin care experts Female consumers later found that the skin of the three key areas of the cheekbone area, the nasal lip line and the corners of the mouth is easy to relax, and at the same time the impact of women’s appearance age. The newly upgraded SK-II skin-living face double mask is targeted at these three key areas, using breakthrough unique 3D three-dimensional design, close to the facial contour, and deeper the skin component in the upper and lower masks to the bottom layer of the skin, which is effective to be effective Improve facial relaxation, improve the lower jaw lines, and make the skin full and elastic.

Breakthrough 3D three-dimensional design, close to the facial lines: SK-II’s unique 3D three-dimensional mask tailoring, which can closely fit the three major areas of the facial aging, effective skin rejuvenation ingredients Enter the skin to improve the lines of the corners of the eyes, nose and lips, and corners of the mouth. A degree, acting on the loose eyes, quickly moisturize, reduce wrinkles, effectively prevent and solve multiple eye aging problems.

Special oli-VITYL, PITERA?, Signaline? And Niacinamide to nicheamide were added to the lower mask. Elasticity, effectively shrink pores and improve the skin, while improving the lower jaw lines, making the face outline more compact.

SKII Living Skin Tightening Double Mask Price Brand: SKII

Name: Living Skin Tight Mask

Specification: 6 tablets/box
123] Origin: Japan

Price: 100 yuan

SKII living skin tight face double mask evaluation SKII3D double -sided firing face repair mask, milk white essence, thick mask paper but easy to absorb well absorbing The two -piece design of the split body is very fitted with facial skin, which makes people like it. It can be applied for ten to fifteen minutes. After use, the skin is transparent and moist, tight, and feels particularly comfortable. Waking up the next morning, you can obviously feel the tender and smooth skin on your face, I like it. My boyfriend is a typical oil muscle. After using it for him, there was no oil on his face for a day, and it was very comfortable to feel. I am a dry muscle. After use, I feel that the moisturizing effect is also very good. It is really all kinds of skin. Suitable for. Many people say that SKII’s mask has a mud rubbing phenomenon after use. After using it, I usually massage for a while. After the mask lotion is fully absorbed, it will wet the cotton pad with the fairy water, wipe it again, and then wipe it again. ThenStart follow -up maintenance.

Applying it is very convincing, the essence is very rich, and there will be no feeling of water. The essence is thick, but it is not sticky. After 15 minutes, tear off the mask.The biggest advantage of this double -mask is that the effect of hydration and confrontation with relaxation is very good. After use, the skin is obviously very smooth. Although it is very luxurious, it is definitely worth dripping after applying it.Go to the beauty salon to make a better face!

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