How much is the Japanese PDC Bidi Cinderella Mask?

The Japanese PDC Bidi Cinderella’s mask came back at night and applied it. I was a sensitive muscle oil field and finished the skin state UP. So how much is PDC Bidi Cinderella mask?

PDC Cinderella mask how much does product name: PDC Bidi -Cinderella mask

Specification type: normal specifications

Cosmetics net content: 75g

Efficacy: Moisturizing and Moisturizing

Settlement period: 3 years

Price: 59

PDC Cinderella mask experience can be touched through the bag. The legendary ex -boyfriend mask, cheap version, I look forward to it, after all, the ex -boyfriend is quite expensive. There are better lotion in the mask, and it is touched as a cream after leaving it. I feel a lot of emulsion, slippery, and the packaging is also exquisite, adding points. It focuses on moisturizing, suitable for me like this kind of water dehydration, but when I see avocado, I still feel a little worried and afraid of oil. There are many lotions inside, because I plan to see my boyfriend today, so I will post it before going out and put on makeup. I hope it is good to put on makeup. Advantages: Generally speaking, the experience is good, there are many lotion, and it is really not greasy. I put off the excess with paper towels and absorbed it well. Makeup is super service. Great. Compared with Hua’s extraction daily mask, the lotion is really thick and thick, and the real material is real. The extraction type can only be pasted for five minutes, which can be pasted for a long time. Compared with the Korean niche brand, it is really easy to absorb not greasy. The texture of not acne is not like. Really cost a price.

After the PDC Cinderella mask evaluation received the mask, she opened the package and found that the outer packaging of this mask was simple and atmospheric, and the mask was very good as a whole. First of all, there are a lot of mask essence. After applying the remaining essence of the mask to apply the neck; second, the mask paper is thick, the size is suitable, and it is more convincing. The packaging is easy to open, there are many essences, and white milky texture. There are also many essences attached to the mask, and the mask is moderate. After removing the mask, there are many remaining essences, which can be used to apply neck.

The moisturizing degree is very good. I have a sensitive muscle and there is no signs of allergies at all. It is very good. After use, the skin is smooth. This mask can also take care of the eyes. It is very good, and the noodle paper is suitable. Advantages: There are many mask essence, and the moisturizing effect is very good. Every time you apply it, after washing the excess essence, you feel the skin tone brighter, a good mask.

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