How to use PDC Bidi Cinderella mask

The texture of the Japanese PDC Bidi Gree Girl Mask Cream is very special, the skin nourishes and has no burden, and the skin feels more flexible. How to use the PDC Bidi Cinderella mask? PDC Bidi -皙 Cinderella Mask How to use.

How to use PDC Cinderella mask 1. Please use it after daily basic skin care. Take the mask from the bag, and slowly fit the face of the eyes and mouth.

2. Apply 10-15 minutes. You can appropriately wipe the essence in the middle to achieve a better absorption effect.

3. After removing the mask, wipe the remaining essence on the face until the skin is completely absorbed.

4. There are many essences left in the bag for physical milk.

PDC Cinderella mask experience outsourcing box gold and purple boxes are gorgeous. At first glance, it feels like a unique mask. In fact, it can be said that the outer box has attracted the trial of my application. The paper bag of the mask is golden. The pattern illustrates the cream with milk. After reading the introduction, the avocado was super moisturized. The torn mouth is at the top of the bag. It is convenient to tear it open and it will not tear the card to the mask paper. Open the inside is the milky essence. The first feeling is that it feels that it will be sticky. There is not as many masks of the essence, and it looks thick. I wiped the essence beside the bag with my fingers first, and wiped the circle on my hand. It was like the texture of the cream but not heavy. It was miraculously absorbed. There is also a faint rose fragrance.

PDC Cinderella Mask evaluation I am a small face. The mask paper is very soft and appropriate, suitable for the proportion of our Chinese girl. Slowly stick to the position of the eyes and mouth. The paper film design between the nose and the upper lip I like it. There is a small strip on both sides of the nose connected with the mask paper on the lips. This can choose to tear or retain according to different needs of the facial size. The paper will slide embarrassingly on the lips. The rose fragrance of this mask smells very refreshing. Now it is the best that it is advocated that it is not fragrant, but individuals still like a faint fragrance. I wiped the essence of the bag on the mask paper with my hand, massaged it on the mask with my fingers for 2 or two minutes, and then I started playing with my mobile phone.

After watching the time for about 20 minutes, I tear off the film. Massage on the face with your hands, after all, there is still a essence on your face, not waste. Massage to the essence, let me wait for it to do it naturally. I apply the essence of the mask paper on my neck and hand. After use, the skin is much moisturized, with no sticky feeling, the lines are slightly lighter, and the skin feels more elastic and moisturized. In order to see the effect of tomorrow, I did not wipe other skin care products on my face, and the skin was very soft and moisturized. After washing my face, I usually took the skin care order, and I did n’t get stuck. very satisfied.

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