How to use PERIPERA Suyan cream?

Peripra Banana Suyan Cream is a very natural skin care product. I don’t want to worry about getting makeup in summer, let’s try Peripera Banana Suyan Cream. Today I will introduce it to you, how to use Peripera Suyan Cream What is the usage of Feli Fira Banana Subfront Cream?

Feli Fi Fara Banana Suban Cream introduces naturally without pretentious, but Su Yan has a beautiful muscle like a baby muscle … How does it do? Let the Feli Fira Banana Banana Skin Skin Cream give you the answer! It is rich in real banana extract, New Zealand cattle milk, Jeju’s goat milk, and 10 vitamin ingredients Philipra Banana Banana Banana At the same time, the skin is supplemented with rich nutrition, while creating bright and beautiful muscles from the inside out. It naturally softens the skin and easily covers the rough skin surface, giving the skin a truly brilliant light!

Philipira Banana How to use Suyan Cream 1. In the final stage of basic care or in the sunscreen stage, take an appropriate amount of plain face cream, and gently apply it along the skin texture. It has the effect of anti -ultraviolet effect. Runliang colorful beauty;

2. It is really a stunner on earth, successfully created the peach skin of glorious people.

Feli Fella Banana Suyan Cream comments. If you haven’t started, hurry up to use Feli Firala Su Yan Cream, which has both beauty and skin care effects, clear and moisturizing texture, can perfectly fit the skin perfectly , Create a different flawless and white vitality muscle, refreshing summer. The flavor of the flavor ~ The concealment is almost no, but it is particularly thin and thin. It will be very white after wiping. It will be much more moisturized after a while ~ It is very moisturizing, and the durability is good ~ basically it can be maintained for a whole day! [ 123]
The texture is like emulsion, which is squeezed out of light pink and white. It may feel white when it is applied. Actually, it can be presented naturally in a very natural color after 2 minutes, and it gives the skin powder, tender and white. The coated part is white like itself, and it will definitely not be a little white on the market, but it is not transparent and unnatural.

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