How to use SKII3D mask?

SKII Living Skin Double 3D Three -dimensional Mask is a very good mask. I didn’t expect even Chen He to be its fan. Today, I will introduce to you, how to use the SKII3D mask? What is the usage of SKII live skin and tight face double mask?

SKII living skin and tight face double mask introduces the mask paper of this mask is soft and stretched. It is very good and can wrap the face skin in all directions. The mask is divided into two pieces. The upper half of the wrinkles stretch the essence, light pores. The lower half curve enhances the essence, moisturizing and firming. Follow the facial contour, so that the repair ingredients are penetrated into penetration, and the lipstick relaxation points are stroke at the same time. The nasal position and stress penetration technology make the mask more convincing, press the essence into the skin, and penetrate deeply.

How to use the SKII3D mask 1. Put the upper mask completely covered with the forehead and close the outline of the brow bone.

2. Follow the chin to ensure the lower jaw line and nose. Stretch the mask and let the edges fit the front of the ear.

Gently take it out after fifteen minutes.

4. The remaining essence of the face is lightly patted by the palm of the palm to absorb.

Because the layer pressure penetration technology adopts the firming mask, the material of the mask is elastic, so the two sides should be covered with the same force to cover the mask. Use a set of upper and lower two masks each time. Use SK-II to live skin-linked and tight double mask twice a week. After eight consecutive weeks, the three areas that are easy to relax appear immediate effects. At the same time, the skin quality is significantly improved. Essence

The essence of SKII living tight face double mask is similar to the emulsion after opening the bag. The lower mask is relatively transparent. Well, none of them have a saliva flavor, so Piteraoil-Vitly is really not Pitera. The essence is moderate, and there is no tingling discomfort after applying it. At present, the climate in Beijing is still very moist after 15 minutes, indicating that the essence concentration is good.

Tailoring is simply stunning, especially the lower mask, the nose part is not a flat tailoring, but a highlight! Promotes! This design is really moving (other design mask (other design mask mask Does the guy think that our face is flat? Does the nose not stand out?!). The mask is very elastic and the thickness is moderate. After the film is applied to the two ends of the temple, the lower film is pulled behind the ear, and it actually sucked on the face and perfectly fit.

I didn’t feel the face became smaller after finishing the application ~ but there is firming ~ Because the hydration has increased, the pores have become smaller visually ~ Although the cost performance has not made me rolling all over the ground, but the comprehensive comprehensive is comprehensive Considering that you will buy it, at least a single item can be full. Therefore, the membrane is 100 points, the essence is 85, and the cost is 70. The price of purchasing purchases is about 100 yuan, it is recommended to once a week, above. mwah.

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