How to whiten in summer is good, what whitening effect is good in summer

Speaking of all stars and beauties all have white and tender skin, Fan Bingbing is one of the most typical representatives. Although I have never seen me, the photos do show very good skin tone, so we should be in the summer we have arrived. How to whiten the effect?

What? Say people have a whitening effect with their beauty? It is clear at a glance at a few more photos in the same frame! An old photo from the PS era:

and and and and and and and. International chapter:

Xiaoxianrou stood beside him without apparent age:

In this way, the reason why Fan Ye can have the title of “same -frame killer” is Face, white tender skin is also the key.

So how can we turn white? Then look down.

It is necessary to know the combination of outer application and diet and rest. Bai from the inside to the outside is the fundamental, which requires the beauty to look at its own habits. The correct demonstration of diet:

(1) Eat less sensitive foods in summer

Because the number and activity of melanin -related substances will be increased, excessive diet will make the skin easier or darker or darkened or darkened or darkened or darkened or darkened or darkened. Long spots. Papaya, celery, potatoes, coriander, orange, seaweed, spinach, leek, red beans, lemon, carrots, etc. are common photosensitive foods.

(2) Multiple intake of soybean foods, supplementing Vitamin C

The isoflavone in soybeans can replace some female hormones, which can help antioxidant and anti -aging. There is a hand in the skin. Tofu and soy milk are good choices.

(3) Healthy and interest on time

Some beauty will be lucky and feel that you can make up for your skin with some expensive skin care products when you stay up late. But in fact, if long -term sleep is insufficient, it will still affect the skin’s metabolism speed. Working on time, but it can save a lot of money spent on skin care products ~

Be whitening to observe and observe carefully. Give yourself a little chance to turn black. It is said that when the desert is filming, after a lens is over, she will always bring sunglasses and sunshade masks quickly:

Fan Bingbing, who was encountered by netizens on the streets of Cannes a few days ago, long clothes, trousers, sunglasses, mirror, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses The sunscreen equipment of the hats and umbrellas is uniform to the entire street. It is difficult to find the second person:

Even in the large winter, the sunscreen work will not relax:

So, people are so white, people are so white But there are reasons, whitening is really not just talking. If you want to turn white, the most basic sunscreen must not be troublesome! It is the “sunscreen black general” that the beautiful people test:

Within 100RMB:

Mistine multi -effect sunscreen spraySPF50 PA +++ 100ml

It is said that Mistine is the largest beauty brand in Thailand, which is higher than Merbolia. This sunscreen spray is the king of out of stock! The spray design is very convenient. Can easily take care of it. ” “The texture is light and thin, and there will be no sense of burden on the body. The price that is not available is not distressed if it is used ~

The budget is 200 ~ 300 RMB:

Addict Perfect Sunshot SPF50+ 30g

The makeup of the adDiction home has always been very very very very very always very Famous and loved by the neon people. Because of the introduction of domestic, some Meimei may be a little strange to this brand. Try this sunscreen may increase a lot of good feelings for it. ” , Very easy to push away. “SPF50+PA ++++’s sunscreen multiple is basically the highest sunscreen value on the market. There is also a good look of water and light makeup, “There is a gloss out of the skin, it is also a favorite advantage” (@ 还 还 还 还 还 还 还).

The budget is 300+RMB:

Shiseido Shiseido’s new sun, Xia Zhen effect water power sunscreen SPF50+PA ++++ 50ml

Compared with the oil texture of the sunscreen in Europe and the United States, Shiseido’s This one is thinner and lighter, “easy to push away, it is not greasy after coating, and does not block pores” (@这 这), the 2017 new version uses its black technology “Wetforce”. After the minerals, the protection capacity will be improved, the film formation is more stable, sweating and playing with water are not afraid! Zero preservatives, zero alcohol, zero spices, so that “sensitive people, small baby and treasure mothers can use it with peace of mind” (@ Orange’s orange juice orange peel). The point is to prevent! Dan! Black! I really understand the careful thinking of Asian girls with white as the beauty ~ [email protected], “Go to Sanya to play with this Black, it is said that this one is sweating more and more sun protection “!

The whole body must be white and determined that the success or failure is a lot of beautiful face. … The color difference should not be too big, this is embarrassing! Still a comprehensive, do not let go of the body’s parts, take it step by step. ↓ It is recommended to be recommended.
1. Facial: [123 123 ]
· Landwater ·

Budget within 100RMB:
ESThe deW Pharmaceutical Placenta Launda 500ml

There is still a large capacity of less than 500ml in less than 100 yuan. It is super suitable for the water application film. Compared with the red lotion of the same series, it is more refreshing, “spraying on the face will not have a sticky feeling”, and there is no alcohol, and the sensitive muscles can be used with confidence. “For two weeks, the skin tone is brightened, and the acne marks disappear quickly” (@““ “). Use it with the spray bottle, and more effort.

The budget is 300+RMB:

Sekkisei high -silk snow muscle refined lotion 500ml light dance powder cherry version

all said that if you do n’t have snow muscle essence, you do n’t believe it! Snow muscles have broken into rivers and lakes for many years. Although they will be abandoned by sensitive muscles because of allergies, the limelight in whitening lotion is indeed unattended. “The texture is moisturizing, the face is fresh and cool on the face, and the absorption effect is good.” The usage is also diverse. Whether it is combined with the use of the pairing, the water application film, or the effect of using hand, it is obvious. “After applying it, it feels white, it is the kind of white white” (@““ “),” After using a bottle of snow muscle essence, two color numbers actually white “

· Essence · [Essence 123]
The budget is within 100RMB:

DAISO Great Whitening Essence 30ml

is another whitening essence pushed. I can’t bear it. ” Compared with other big -name essences, “slightly light, a bit like the texture of high moisturizing lotion” (@和 和 and waist gentle water like me), it is very suitable for summer. The effect is also touching. “The thief is fast and there is no sticky feeling. It does not reach a week, and it really brightens a lot.” “(@Honey Cui)!

The budget is 300+RMB:

Olay Pro-X Pure White Fang Whitening Paquan Spot Essence 40ml

^Direct call “One of the best whitening essences that exceeds the price” is really worthy of money! The use of the tube tube is easy to use. A absorption, the overall feeling is refreshing “(@吸 吸), it is a mixed -dry [email protected]吸 吸 啊 also means that” the moisturizing effect is completely fine for yourself. ” The whitening effect can be described as the naked eye. “Every time I meet a colleague, one day I have said that I am white, and ask me what skin care products have been used recently.” 123]
Within 100RMB:

CLUB -free makeup removal, moisturizing marshmallow powderBlue Rose 26g


Compared with CLUB, the powder is more delicate. It is very suitable for mixing oil and sweet potatoes in summer. “In the evening, the stickiness of skin care products disappears instantly, the face is slippery, and the pores are also refreshing after washing the pores the next day” (@小 青). And you can easily create a “pseudo -plain face”. The point is that it will not be stuffy, and there is a faint high -level aroma. The sense of ritual in life is all hooked out ~

2. The body

· Body milk ·
[ 123] The budget is within 100RMB:

① Dr. Morita Morita Morita Drug Cosmetics 400ml

Keywords:#12 12 12##12 12##12 12#12 12# ##

Goat goat milk house products do not contain flavors and pigments, natural and gentle, even the delicate skin of the baby and sensitive muscles is suitable. This body milk contains fresh goat milk, sunflower seed oil and sweet almond oil from the Australian farm. Bloody), “(It) is better than using the feeling, it is easy to push away, not sticky, and more suitable for spring and summer” (@古 伏). “The effect is really not to mention. I insist that I will really turn white, there is no dry skin, and the skin is still slippery.” (@Cynic). The large capacity of 500ml, the whole family can use it together!
③ scentio Q10 milk net white body milk 400ml

Keywords: #小 清 # #5 # #5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 #

Beauty Buffet Scentio from Thailand, their packaging is made like milk products, especially small and fresh. The body milk ingredient contains Q10 ingredients. “As soon as you open it, you can smell the sweet milk fragrance, like a large bottle of good acid (@teohey),” very light and easy to absorb, and another surprise is its fragrance but not greasy “People”, “Whitening effect is particularly obvious, apply after taking a bath, and when I take a bath the next day, I still feel my body milk the day before. Continue to use the calf really turned white “! The price is so high, it does not hurt every day ~

The budget is 100RMB ~ 300RMB:

①ASDM strong whitening body lotion 240ml

] Keywords:#]]]]]####, Acne marks, scars#

ASDM whitening body milk from the United States, strong fruit acid and lactic acid, the ingredients are very powerful, which can effectively remove chicken skin, acne marks, scars and scars and scars and scars Various pigments of the body. The point is that whitening is effective! You don’t need to apply a lot at a time, and a small amount is enough, otherwise it is easy to rub the mud. “The continuous effect is obvious, it is really white” (@常 ““), “Apply this with the arm+back of the hand, the colleague said that my hand was the same as 27 and 8 years old (now 24), and now it becomes tender. A lot of “(@了 了 仙). Although some friends said that its use sense is not so good, it can be tolerated in order to turn white ~

② L’occitane L’Ocitane Body Milk Sakura 250ml

Keywords:#虽 easy to absorb absorption # # ##Bling bling #

When it comes to physical care, many sweet potatoes first think of L’Occitane! The texture of the meat pink cream, stabilizing the girl’s heart of the face controllers ~ “The texture is thin and easy to push away, easy to absorb, suitable for summer” (@isabel_bell), “painting the entire body Blingbling behind the body, because there is a fine flash with pearl powder inside , Look at the feeling of stealth stockings from a distance “(@Thea). “Like to use (it) in summer (it), there is a faint fragrance, it feels very comfortable, there is a bright component in the moisturizing dew, so generally like to use it before going out, it looks particularly bright” ~

The budget is 300 at 300 +RMB:

Clé de Peau Beauté’s key to the body whitening body milk 100ml


] CPB’s new body milk this year, the banner of whitening essence is really not just talking. “The texture is moist and light, not sticky or greasy, and you can obviously feel that you will be absorbed immediately after applying the skin.” The aroma is elegant. Although it is not as moisturizing as traditional body milk, people are not hung up at first, “absolutely enough in spring and summer” (@虽然 虽然 儿). What’s more important is that the whitening effect is really online. “After half a month, the skin tone of the legs is more uniform, and the dull parts also brighten a lot. I believe that the long -term insistence on the whitening effect will be more significant” (@更)! [ 123]
3, embarrassing community

△ underarms:

Budget within 100RMB:

Special white beauty solution for Shuer silk armpits 120ml

Keywords: #[[[[ # #mild non -exciting # #[[[ #

Shu Er Si is quite in place in physical care. It does not only have sunscreen spray easy to use. If you do n’t believe it, try this white cosmetic solution! “A absorption”, a mild texture, so that the sensitive muscles can be used with peace of mind. The ingredients of green tea extract can help sweet potatoes to remove the black precipitation and old keratin under the armpit. “After a month, the skin of the underarm is really not so dull.” But you must remember to persist ~

The budget is 100 ~ 200RMB:

Leon underarsed whitening cream 20g

Keywords:#soft armpit hair##whitening to black to black #

It can not only whiten the armpits, but also soften the hair under the armpit. The score on cosme is very high, it is really amazing, my Loton! Apply an appropriate amount in the skin cleaning state, no need to clean it. Super suitable for lazy potatoes ~ “In the past, there was keratin under the armpits. After applying it, it now (skin) has improved, and it is already slippery when it feels” (@超 超 at first sight). According to [email protected] on Weibo, “the effect is absolutely there, but it is slow, basically after using the first one to see the change.” But Xiaobian thinks that in order to wear a suspender in summer, it can be white and tender, and it is worth using a few branches!
△ △ Hip:

The budget is 100 ~ 200rmb

peach peach John Peach Pattop Pure White Beautiful butt Cream (Washed) 120g

Keywords:#j j j j j j j j j j#

(Picture from [email protected] j)

Many sister paper put all the focus of whitening on her face. When I went to the beach in the summer, when wearing a bikini, I saw that I was obviously darker than the skin on the body a few degrees. Beautiful butt cream may open the door of the new world for the girls ~ “The frosted particles are very delicate and soft”, “After washing off, I never thought that my ass can be so soft and slippery” (@吃 吃 美 哟 哟 哟 哟 美), “Insisting it for a while, the skin of the hips really brighten a bit.” @Even likes it to call “Well, you know another magic of men” ~

4. Emergency rescue field is indispensable

Budget within 100RMB:

It’s Skin Yisi 3 seconds whitening body moisturizer 100ml


That’s right! This body milk of Yisi can make the skin of sweet potatoes tender and white at all. It is not exaggerated. It’s not dull down “(@不 下 117),” It will be a bit unnatural when I first wipe it. After a while, it will be completelyNaturally, super easy to use “(@自 子 子 妹), the waterproofness is still great. The color of the face is out of touch, and the little black girl can also experience the wonderful feeling of instantly transforming to Princess White Snow. It is simply a big savior wearing bikini and evening dresses! The price is not good. ~

The budget is 100 ~ 200RMB:

Emma 1997 Whitening Body Lotion 180ml

Keywords:#Instant whitening artifact##Classic word of mouth model# To be honest, the earliest “instant whitening artifact” that Xiaobian knew was it! It was hotly pushed on the “Woman My Biggest” program, and the popularity has been high. “The lotion is not thick and it is easy to push away, and it is also very moisturized. “,” After wiping, it really turns white quickly, and has an invisible concealer, which quickly improves spots and scars “(@Cherry_cheese). It is said that it is also tested by authoritative institutions, without mercury and other heavy metals. Use it with confidence ~ Although whitening is a long -lasting battle, it is always necessary to see more obvious effects and persistence. Two hands in the inside and outside, the small things to save the field are also available. Summer in the ground ~

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