Remove the bags under the eyes quickly, do this

The bags under the eyes are the number one public enemy of a woman. If you care about it, you will be entangled with you, and it is difficult to throw it away once you get it. So do you know what is the way to remove bags under the bag? How to go to the eye bag? What is the way to remove bags under the eyes? Let’s take a look at

The method of removing the bags under the eyes

Eye movement method

This method can effectively tighten the skin around the eyes. For eye bags due to the loose skin and skin. Gently press the eye bag position with your fingers, do 10 times a day, and do 100 times a day, which can improve the problem of eye edema. You can also exercise the eye muscles to prevent the eye muscles from sagging, consciously let the upper eyelid and lower eyelids be closed, and each time it is closed by about 100 times.

olive oil hot compress method

This method helps promote the circulation of blood, and quickly disappear the bags under the bags. Before going to bed every night, clean the face, take out the appropriate amount of olive oil and pour it on the palm of the hand, rub it with both hands, and feel the palm of your palm immediately cover your fingers on the bags under the eyes. In clean, you will find that the bags under the eyes will be improved four times a week.

Cucumber frozen application

Cucumbers not only have freckle effects, but also have the effect of shrinking blood vessels. Therefore, we can use it to improve the phenomenon of bags under the eyes and edema. Wash the cucumber, then slice it and put it in the refrigerator. Get up the next day, you can use it to apply your eyes, about 15 minutes each time.

Vitamin E capsule

Vitamin E has a very good effect on beauty, and it is a very good choice for removing eye bags. After we clean our faces, cut a vitamin E capsule, then apply the sticky liquid in the capsule to the eyes of the bags, and gently massage until it is completely absorbed. It is recommended to go every Wednesday.

The cause of the bags under the eye bag

Genetic factors

The eye wheel -orbicular muscle hypertrophy caused by congenital genetic leads to the emergence of rotation outside the eye skin, especially when smiling The time is particularly obvious. This kind of innate genetic eye bags are also called “lying silkworms” in the folk. People with large eyes or convex eyes are easier.

Poor sleep

The relaxation and weakness of the skin skin is an important reason for the formation of the eye bags. Only in sleep can the skin be well metabolized and self -repair. Lack of sleep for a long time can cause the skin to aging and become weak, which forms a bags under the eyes. In addition, poor sleep quality can also affect the metabolic obstacles around the eyes of the eyes to form bags under the eyes.

Eye fatigue

If the eyes are in a state of fatigue for a long time, it will also cause bags under the eyes. This is still because eye fatigue can cause the elasticity of the eye muscle to become poorcaused.Doing good health care, relieving vision fatigue can not only protect vision, but also prevent bags under the eyes.

Unreasonable diet

People who like to picky eaters or imbalanced dietary nutrition, if there is a lack of protein and glue in the diet, it will affect the vitality of the cells, affect the elasticity of the skin, and the elasticity of the skinCauses the eye bags.

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