Summer 3 meat weight loss recipes

Introduction: Cucumber chicken shredded ingredients: Chicken breasts, cucumbers, mung bean powder, vinegar, alcoholic rice, sesame sauce, soy sauce and minced garlic.

Summer is here, and the peak period of weight loss is ushered in. Many MMs are afraid to avoid meat food for weight loss. In fact, meat is rich in protein. A moderate amount of intake can increase the metabolic rate, which is very helpful for weight loss.

The help of protein to lose weight is: hormonal secretion that suppresss fat absorption and avoid fat; because the protein needs to digest for a long time, it is not easy to feel hungry; it is conducive to the excretion of salt in the body and eliminating edema.

If you are worried about eating more meat and eat more fat, then you can choose chicken breasts (white meat) with low fat content and high -quality protein. The Agricultural Committee specially recommends a simple recipe for chicken breasts of the three hot summer. It is recommended that consumers DIY at home and cook healthy and low -fat dishes for their families.

Cucumber Chicken Silk Skin

ingredients: Chicken breasts, cucumbers, mung bean powder, vinegar, alcoholic rice, sesame sauce, soy sauce and minced garlic in each in moderation

* Method: Steamed the chicken breasts into silk;

Cut the cucumber into filaments and add salt; cut the peel and stir together to eliminate salt together; vinegar, alcoholic, sesame sauce, soy sauce and garlic Mix into sauce at the end, pour on Sanshi PS: People who like to eat cold noodles can also mix this on the cold noodles. People who are afraid of fat can reduce the amount of sesame sauce

Pineapple chicken tablets [ 123]
Material: Chicken breasts, pineapples, green onions, garlic, protein, salt, too bai powder, wine a small amount, sweet and sour sauce

*Method: Pineapple half, cut meat and pieces for later use; Chicken breast slices and salt, wine, protein, and too bai powder and other marinated for 15 minutes; take the chicken slices after oil, add green onion, garlic slices to stir -fry, then drizzle with sweet and sour sauce, and finally add pineapple

Xiangmang chicken willow

*Material: chicken breasts, mango, salt, too bai powder, wine small, protein, onion section

*Method: Cut the chicken breast into strip -shaped shape Add salt, Tai Bai powder, wine and protein for 15 minutes; peel the mango and cut into strips for later use; after the chicken is oily, stir -fry the green onion section, add salt and add mango to slightly fry the cute beauty network tips : If you are afraid of fat when you eat chicken, you can not eat chicken skin.

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