The five major tricks teach you how to control your appetite cleverly

Introduction: The choice of food containers is better than using slender and tall containers than using low -tough containers. The former can help people control food and reduce calorie intake.

You don’t want to lose weight, so you are afraid of eating, but you can’t control your mouth? This is not possible. If you want to lose weight, you must control your mouth and control your appetite, so as to make your weight loss more effective. So how do you control your appetite? Let ’s teach you five big tricks. 1. The selection of food containers is better than the same volume of the volume. It is better to use slender and tall containers than to use low and thick containers. The former can help people control the amount of food and reduce calorie intake. Food with transparent containers is conducive to preventing more food.

2. Put the food away from the sight of the food in the kitchen, refrigerator, and food cabinet.

3. Avoid stacking foods to avoid buying too much at one time when buying food, so as not to cause the “stacking” effect. Because when people see a lot of food, they want to eat it as soon as possible

4. Interesting to create monotonous and orderly visual effects to avoid the “grocery store” effect. Experiments have proved that when people are eating, the monotonous food color can limit appetite. In addition, different foods and doors of different foods are better than mixing than mixing.

5. When restraining the desire to eat at the restaurant, do not be attracted by those delicately conceptual dishes on the menu to increase the expectations of the heart. Because excessive expectations will produce the prerequisite effect, it will launch a foreshadowing for the subsequent “big fast”. Arrange your life, no longer “eat”, and pour energy and spirit to other fun. The main point is that you must really change your past lifestyle. Since the past lifestyle is not ideal, try to arrange a more innovative way.

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