Tomato slimming menu minus 10 pounds a week

Introduction: Hardness: ☆☆ (Five capsules ☆ the highest) Why eat tomatoes to lose weight? A tomato (about 200 grams) is only 30 calories, which is equivalent to about eight minutes of a bowl of calories.

Tomato slimming menu minus 10 pounds a week

Apple and meat food slimming method are well -known weight loss methods, but how the effect is good. You can have tried the tomato weight loss method? If you don’t smell it, you must pay attention to the following introduction.

For lunch and dinner, only tomatoes are eaten, and the rest of the dinner can be eaten as usual, but of course, light, low -calorie foods are the main.

It is carried out for a week in a row and can only be carried out once a month.

Effect: You can minus 5-10 pounds (about 2-5 kg).

Hardness: ☆☆ (five capsules ☆ the highest)

Why can we lose weight when eating tomatoes?

A tomato (about 200 grams) is only 30 calories, which is equivalent to the appointment. The calories of a bowl of white rice.

The average woman takes an average of about 600 calories per meal. If one of them or two meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) is replaced by tomatoes, it can reduce the absorption of hundreds of calories. It does not cause the body to lack nutrition, which is much less than the 1,800 calories in three meals a day, so that you can achieve weight loss.

How many tomatoes can be eaten in two meals a day?

Basically there is no limit. In fact, tomatoes are easy to make people full, and eat enough full -scale portion. If you feel that eating raw tomatoes is very difficult, you can make a variety of matches, but do not use fried, fried, and roasted cooking methods. Steam, burn or drink tomato soup.

Eating tomatoes instead of dining should pay attention:

1 Tomato itself consists of water, except for vitamin C, there is not much nutrition. Nutrition.

2 Any food, as long as it is too much, it will cause obesity. Fortunately, tomatoes are easy to have a sense of full stomach, but you should also be careful to eat too much and cause it to make it as swelling.

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