What to eat for weight loss, weight loss recipe package, you lose 10 pounds, you lose 10 pounds

Introduction: What to eat for weight loss 7 days to lose weight, you lose 10 pounds

Among the “7 days of weight loss recipes”, the most important point is to cook the weight loss soup according to the ingredients introduced in this article. If you can eat strictly in accordance with the prescribed methods, the weight -loss person can lose 10 pounds within seven days. If you want to continue to reduce after seven days, just repeat this method. If the dietary arrangement is disrupted for a day, you must start again.

On the first day of weight loss recipe:

Tang and fruit. Except for bananas, other fruits can be eaten, but sweet melon and watermelon should be eaten because it contains more heat than other fruits. On the first day, you can only drink soup and fruit. If you drink tea, coffee and juice, do not add milk and sugar.

The second day of weight loss recipe:

soup and vegetables. In addition to drinking soup the next day, you can eat all the vegetables. It is not limited, and it is best to choose fresh vegetables. Don’t eat beans and corn. You can eat some roasted potatoes at noon.

Remember: Do not eat any fruits, drink plenty of water.

Seven on the 7th:

soup, fruits and vegetables. You can’t eat roasted potatoes on this day. Soup, fruits and vegetables can be eaten casually. Drink plenty of water during the book.

If you can strictly follow the dietary regulations in the first three days, you can lose 2-3 kg.

On the 4th day of weight loss recipes:

soup, fruits, vegetables, milk and bananas. In addition to drinking soup and eating fruits and vegetables, you can also eat 1 cup of milk and 3 bananas.

Remember: The milk you drink cannot exceed the amount of soup.

On the 7th of the weight loss recipe on the 7th:

soup, beef and tomato. In addition to drinking soup, you can eat tomatoes and beef. You can eat 200 grams of beef. Tomatoes are eaten raw, no limit. On this day, I want to drink 6-8 cups of water, just drink once.

Seven on the 7th:

Beef and leafy vegetables. Eat beef and vegetables casually, you can also eat two steaks, but you can’t eat roasted potatoes. In addition to drinking soup, you must drink plenty of water.

Seventh day of weight loss recipe:

rice, juice, vegetables and soup. You can eat some rice and vegetables, drink some sugar juice, and drink plenty of water. Vegetables can be fried with shallots. “Slimming Men and Women” National Recruitment to participate in the competition to win 100,000 yuan award u0026 gt; u0026 gt;

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