How much is the black diamond ring?

How much is the black diamond ring? How to choose color diamonds? The average diamond ring is white and rarely see the amount of other colors, but it is not no, but some diamond rings are very expensive. The general routines are white, so let’s take a look together. Essence

Recently, the black diamond ring has become popular on the Internet, just because a major foreign god man hand in proposal to his younger brother, causing people to discuss the black diamonds. How much is the black diamond ring? How to choose a color diamond?

How much is the black diamond ring:

Pablo Cimadevila, the oil pipe handmade god, made a black diamond ring for his brother, gave him Use when proposing! It is really a technical work, such accurate and subtle craftsmanship. What’s more important is that this craftsman’s spirit is really envious and like. A natural black diamond is a poly crystal diamond. It is completely opaque and does not have various color intensity and combination. Its color intensity is only one, which is Fancy Black. The color of the black diamond is caused by its inside containing a graphite package. Natural black diamonds are favored by many jewelry designers and consumers. Therefore, there is a heat treatment of non -gem -level diamonds in the market, so that it produces a black opaque appearance to imitate natural black diamonds. The price of this diamond is much lower than the natural black diamond. Because it is artificially color, GIA will not classify such black diamonds.

The price of black diamonds is high in the eyes of most people. Naturally formed black diamonds that do not contain impurities are more precious, and their price and value are also very high. In addition, because of the factors of the mining environment, the output is very scarce. There are only a small part of the black diamonds produced each year. This is an important reason for the expensive price of black diamonds.

Black diamonds are similar to white diamonds, and they all have similar characteristics. The price of black diamonds is a puzzle for many people. Because diamonds are mixed with many black substances in diamonds, these substances can make diamond diamonds. Occascularly, it looks like not so flawless. In fact, natural black diamonds will contain impurities. If there is no flaw, it is definitely unrealistic. Nothing in the world cannot be perfect. In addition, it should be noted that according to 4C standards (cutting, color, clarity, carat weight), judging the value and price level of black diamonds are equally important; black diamond grading is mainly cut and carat weight, and its clarity is not important. Essence

How to choose color diamonds:

First, color diamonds are also a diamond. The main cause is the color that changes the particles in colorless diamonds. Different changes produce different colors. Generally, diamonds are transparent, but color diamonds are diamonds other than transparent. There are color diamonds in the world, also known as color diamond, and the charm of colorful diamonds comes from uniqueRare colors, the degree of sparseness of diamonds and the strong degree of color determine the value of color diamonds. The more rare the color of the color diamond, the higher the color level, the higher the value, the stronger the color, the more saturated, the value is the value.The higher the higher.

Although colorful diamonds are more rare than ordinary colorless diamonds, and their collection value is increasingly attracted by many collectors, not all color diamonds have collective value. Color diamonds can be based on color.It is divided into yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, red diamonds, green diamonds, blue diamonds, and black diamonds. The rare degree of color diamonds of different colors will be different, and naturally there will be differences in collecting value. Among themAlthough the value is the highest, and although the black diamond is extremely scarce, because the diamond luster reflection is poor, the black diamond does not have much economic value.

Okay, the introduction of the black diamond ring is here first, you know clearly.

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