How to choose a regular leather shoes and shoelaces for men’s business leather shoes

Men’s business leather shoes, which are only worn in formal occasions, and rarely wear it, and this men’s business leather shoes are usually black. Let’s see how men’s business leather shoes choose? What is the method of men’s formal leather shoe laces?

To talk about this men’s business leather shoes, this is worn in public. Usually, there are very few people wearing it. It is really too formal. Let’s see how men’s business leather shoes are selected? What is the method of men’s formal leather shoe laces:

How to choose men’s business leather shoes:

First of all, business leather shoes generally choose black and brown colors, do not want to do not There are any colors like casual leather shoes, which seems very serious and not formal.

Secondly, a man who needs to wear a suit to go in and out of formal occasions should have at least two pairs of black positive shoes, one of which is a lace Connect u0026 rdquo; Men’s shoes, the other can be without shoes. Loves and shoes are more serious than those who are not coming, which can be dependent on the occasion you attend. Black leather shoes complement any dark -colored suit, which makes you deal with it freely on many occasions.

In addition, there should also be a pair of brown formal leather shoes. It is not only compatible with light -colored suit, but also with casual clothing.

Warm reminder:

Business leather shoes suitable for work must be selected for your own foot shape and comfortable to wear. This requires the quality of the leather shoes itself and workmanship.

Purchased suitable business leather shoes or formal leather shoes, and should also be appropriately maintained to extend the period of wear of shoes.

Finally, if the business leather shoes are old, they should be replaced immediately instead of being updated. Details can better reflect the pursuit and taste of men’s quality life.

Men’s formal leather shoes and shoelaces:

The first method of the system: balanced line type

Modern fashion also follows traditional advantages, simple Style seems to be the ancient legend, so the laces are not easy to be too fancy. As long as it is simple and comfortable, then let’s take a look at the laces of the positive leather shoes. How can we be comfortable and not fancy? The easiest to talk about shoelaces enter from the left and then out of the right side, or from the right side, it can completely depend on personal likes, and the operation is very simple.

The second method: Cross -line type

First put it on the bottom of the bottom of the bottom, then cross the hole and then wear it, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat it. Repeat it. Repeat it. Repeat it. Until the above process to your satisfaction, this method is most suitable for dressed shoes with more perforation.

The selection method of men’s business leather shoes is introducedThis is here, and this leather shoes wearing suits are different from other leather shoes. We must be capable, and the shoelaces must be tied.

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