How to quickly remove the blackheads and methods

If you want to go to blackheads, you must first understand how blackheads are formed to solve the problem from the root, not a solution to a facial cleanser.

Blackheads and white head belong to open acne, which are open acne, and are also a product caused by strong oil secretion. It is unrealistic to go directly to the blackheads by relying on facial cleanser, and even if the facial cleanser is used, you must choose It contains the only one of the oil control ingredients, not the two of the two you think (for example: the Yachi first -class cleansing foam contains a large amount of tea polyphenol oil control ingredients). Only when the oil control is done can we reduce the generation of blackheads, and it is also a long -term.

However, it is not possible to use a facial cleanser alone, so it is necessary to combine some other skin care products with other oil control pores. Some people think of sourness for the first time. This cannot be tried casually. It is not necessary to damage the skin barrier and become sensitive muscles. After all, it is an exfoliating product. But it is not a bad thing. If you use it, you will definitely make your skin more up to the next level. It is a double -edged sword! Generally, there are fans asking about brushing acid. I generally recommend the water saline sour mask with a concentration of less than 2%, because the irritation of the skin is small, and it can clear the pores. Long -term use can promote pore contraction and blackheads. Exquisite skin. (For example: salicylic acid students shrink the pore mask, less than 2%salicylic acid, without fear of brushing acid).

Another component is very good for the hybrid skin and oil of oil secretion and release, that is, nicotinamide, many of which have used whitening products The girls will inadvertently find that the skin of nicotinamide products has become less greasy, and the oil control effect is also good. (For example: the ingredients of the Clampstrokes, which contains 3%nicotinamide ingredients, can also be brightened and light spots).

When you choose the right ingredient, you can better skin care. Whether boys and girls are the same, skin care is a professional thing. Trying out must be a scientific skin care to better care for the skin.

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