How to spray perfume is the best, the fragrance is more long -lasting

Some people say that perfumes are like a girl’s bottle full of magical potion u0026 ldquo; magic bottle u0026 rdquo; once it opens, there will be a magical power that can be played around us. Indeed, for girls, it is a good personal image to add points. Compared with visual senses, the sense of smell can be more impressed by the people around them. How should girls use this magical u0026 ldquo; medicine bottle u0026 rdquo;?

1. Note a taboo: Do u200bu200bnot spray the perfume in a place where the sweat glands are more developed, for example, our armpits. Forget the idea of u200bu200bcovering the sweat with aroma, many times, not only cannot be covered, but also cleverly become clumsy, creating a very strange smell, but without extra points but lost points. If you want to cover the sweat of the underarms, the little fairies want It is better for them to choose a special antritiger.

2. Many little fairies will spray perfume on the wrist. In fact, this is not the best part, because the pH value of the inside of the wrist is low, Such an acidic environment often promotes the flavor of perfume, especially like acid tone, such as citrus, and flowers. Furthermore, the wrist part is the part that is the easiest to contact other items. During the touch, the smell of other items will affect the original smell of perfume. If you are a little fairy who often wear jewelry Perfume can also make jewelry lose its original gloss. In fact, the more recommended parts are the outside of the arm. Its pH value is very stable, the perfume is not easy to taste, and it is also a place that is easier to smell. Another thing is that the sweat on our arm can help the fragrance spread and extend the extension Oh incense time.

3. There should be a small TIPS that many little fairies did not notice, that is, the little fairy with dry skin should actually spray more than the little fairy who oil skin Perfume, in general, the little fairy with oily skin will be easier to maintain fragrance.

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