How to wear thin body in the pear shape?

Xiaobian dug a piece of pear-type body clothes today, please accept it.

What is a pear shape? To put it bluntly, it is the legs! Your ass is big! (Your ass is good, I don’t know, but if you don’t wear clothes, you can also become a mother in a second, this is a sad story).

But! There is no road to the sky, swing with Xiaobian, saying that the pear shape is not! Mastering the following tips is not something wrong.

Umbrella dress

The cheats of the pear shaped body are obscure! The umbrella skirt is the best cover meat artifact, the fluffy skirt can perfectly cover big butt, the length of the knee can also smash the big thick legs, cover the covered lottery. But, the umbrella skirt is not very friendly to the short son, do not want to give up the short fat!

A word high waist dress

Suitable for all pear shaped

A word high waist skirt is a thin little-capable, high waist design helps to pull long legs, highlight the whole body’s only slender waistline (yes, unique, you didn’t look wrong). Try to pick cut, simple models, such as cowboy, can’t slip, and HOLD will become a partner green.

H-shaped skirt

Focus with a word skirt

Many women will mistakenly think that wearing skirts will be more prominent, then you have to look at the degree of self-cultivation, like an H-short skirt, you can make your body very good. H-type short skirt can shape u0026 ldquo; straight down u0026 rdquo; the effect, thin first level, but pay attention to the choice of loose style, otherwise, we will have a little spicy eye u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip; ;

Open skirt

Legendary cardiper

The skirt design of the fork is like hit the shadow to the leg. It is a little sexy in the mystery of the hidden in the mystery, and you will say that it is not enough to heart if you have a small sexy. Scared, I quickly bought a few hearts.

Wide leg pants

This is a different trousers

Speaking of slimming, wide-leg pants, I am in service, the legs are one meter is not a dream, the wide legs take you into the peak of life! In addition to hiding the thick legs, you can more perfectly put the buttocks, the focus is, it’s a hundred! Top ten trousers, easy to help you save the next huge amount.


Create a perfect leg

Tobacco pipe pants, as the name suggests, it is to look like a straight pants like the smoke pipe, and the degree of looseness is between straight pants and pencil pants. The shaping between the hip legs makes the leg line more slender, and it is a stripe trousers. Simple lines can be perfectly hidden in the legs of the legs, let your legs look thin and straight, say to the elephant legs ~


The coat is in hand, saying thin and thin

How does the pear shaped body have a jacket, I want to further meet the slimming effect, please use a coatIt is a wise choice to cover the cover, and the H-type jacket is a wise choice. This jacket has no obvious waist design. It can make the pear shape more thin.

This issue of Xiaobian said it

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