Micro -fat dressing skills picture thin face is so simple

Not everyone’s figure is very good. There is no extra meat. Some girls are slightly fat. How do I wear slightly fat clothes? How to match it? You can lose your face when you choose the right choice.

Not every woman has no extra meat on her body. Some women’s figures are a little fat. What can I do? What is the dressing skills of slightly fat girls? How to match to make your big cake face a small face? Let’s take a look at the pictures of dressing and matching skills:

T -shirt, simple enough to see any modification and needle of her, but it gives people a fashionable and high -end ones. temperament. Among them, V -neck+7 -point sleeve+loose version design, all inner inner, are all telling people: I can lose my face, I can hide the meat, I can be thin

Who who Whoever Speaking of stripes is the nemesis of fat girls! Look at this T -shirt, do you still say that? The fresh blue fine stripes and white stripe stitching brings a comfortable refreshing feeling of the sea breeze, coupled with the loose version of the design, make the meat with meat, and the meatlessness is thin. The V -neck brings even more thin face, face -lingering, thin face, and of course a faint trace of SEX.

The combination of the two pieces of two pieces of refreshing color system makes the whole feeling of fresh clothes more strong. In addition, the design of the large V -neck makes the girl’s jade neck longer visually. At the same time as the collarbone is perfectly presented, the flesh of the face disappears instantly, becoming a fresh, extremely sexy u0026 ldquo; bone u0026 rdquo; little beauty.

Each girl is a princess, and as one of the essential elements of the princess, lace is merged on a T -shirt with a very simple ability, which instantly gives her different effects and let her make it. It becomes soft, agile, quiet. Coupled with the black and white contrast -tone V -neck, it also makes this tranquility with a trace of retro and sex taste.

The first T -shirt was not attracted to the V -neck, but her embroidery, which made people put the Buddha in the sea of u200bu200bflowers easily. In addition, on the basis of the round neck, the V -neck was formed inadvertently on the last minute, so that the whole clothes had a high quality, and the face shape was perfectly modified, and the choice of fabrics made it more comfortable to wear.

The T -shirts designed by Taoxin collar are all to highlight the schoolgirl clavicle and show the soft side of the school girl. The fleshy face is instantly changing the awl face. There is no need to worry about whether the face is good -looking at all. As long as you go out confidently, the seniors can be stunning.

It has not appeared for a long time, but when she appears, she will be able to set off a wave of classic and retro designs, allowing girls to shrink down the whole cheek and reveal the awl face. , Perfect the collarbone, the beauty of girls at this moment is definitely learningThe elders could not resist the drip. Coupled with the loose Korean version of the body design, it makes the school girl slimming the meat, showing the beautiful side, and the eyeball of the academician should just be the same.

The design of the long style is the love of girls in itself, especially girls who are slightly fleshy. Not only can it hide the flesh on the stomach, but also the perfect disappearance of the flesh on the small PP, plus the pull design at the hem of the clothes, so that the fashion degree is invisible, and the design of the V -neck makes you not need to move the knife. Shining the entire face, farewell to the concubine’s face instantly, and turned into a ice face.

The solid color system has always been a single item that cannot be missing in girls’ wardrobes, and a solid color T -shirt that makes you thinner, make your body noodles, and your cheeks become smaller. equipment. The simple design seems to be casual, but with a slight arc in the V -neck design, the cheeks are reduced, and the soft taste is also stronger and obvious, and the loose sleeve design is hidden in the unicorn arm. Show the girl’s beautiful side.

The loose version of the design, so that the flesh that does not want people in the body to be completely covered, the loose sleeves of 5 -point sleeves are Hidden arms. The biggest color of this dress lies in the design of the V -neck. The lines at the jaw on the face perfectly together, the face of the melon seeds is directly formed visually.

Fat -fat women can also have summer. There is a universal match in summer, that is, the top can be matched with any shorts, especially denim shorts. Do not quickly make your big cake face thinner.

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