Suitable for student party’s makeup brush (cheap and easy to use)

Makeup can be said to be our daily work when we go out. Now there should be a few girls who go out without makeup. Makeup requires a set of tools. At this time For novices, you do n’t use makeup brushes. It ’s a waste of buying too expensive. Today, I will introduce a few cheap makeup brushes to you. If you use it, you will lose to those big -name makeup brushes.

1, the first recommended makeup brush can be said to be a Taobao explosion. It feels that the brand is not, but the face value is very high, and it is very affordable. It takes 9.5 yuan, and it is still free of charge. The face value of this makeup brush does not look so cheap. The packaging is retro style, and the handle is also blingBling. It looks good. This brush head is very soft. It was very comfortable to sweep on the face.

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2,55 foundation brush, this is a domestic brand It is easy to use in China. The packaging is very Chinese. At first glance, it is domestic goods, and the price is also very beautiful. The original price is 129 yuan. It is only 39 yuan after receiving the coupon. The bristles are very soft. They do not tie the skin at all, and they can be used by sensitive muscles.

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3, Charm Cou 8 silver snow makeup makeup Brush, this is also the light of domestic products. This brush is all silver -white. It looks very fresh and dreamy. The gray -white hair looks very high -level. The key brush hair is also made of Jiangxi. One set is also 8, the brushing hair is very delicate, and the upper face is sweeping slightly, so the cosmetics are evenly painted, and the color is good, the price is also OK, more than fifty pieces.

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