What brand of blush is easy to use

Blush is a magical existence, because it is a one that you painted it and it will not be obviously discovered, but as long as you do n’t apply it, the whole person looks very beautiful. Many people choose to apply blush, because this looks really full of vitality. Let ’s recommend a few of the best blush for everyone. Let’ s be a girl.

1.nars climax blush

I feel that when it comes to blush, the first thing everyone thinks is this blush. Bluster. And the hottest one of her family should be a climax. This name is also fried with chickens, and people have the desire to start. The color of this blush is very beautiful, and it has a fine flash. Like the mermaid color, it is very suitable for girls with white skin, which is very lively.

2.Can Make blush

This blush is very cost -effective, the student party can start, the price is very beautiful, the key to this blush is also good It is composed of five -color petals, which makes people look at the girl’s heart. The texture of this blush is also good. It will not fly when it is painted. The face looks very shiny. The quality of the kind of blush is also very good.

3.Benefit Gold Rush Blush

This blush is really beautiful to explode, compared with other pink blush, this is the champagne color system of the color system. Naked apricot blush, a bit flashed, is very gentle to paint, and the value of this blush is also super high. It makes people want to buy it. The texture is also very delicate. , Very fresh and natural.

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