What brand of eye shadow is easy to use and not expensive

Eye shadows can be said to be a very important part of eye makeup. Everyone wants to have a pair of deep and charming big eyes. Eye shadows can be given to you, but for the student party, a good eye shadow is still very expensive. I recommend a few eye shadows that are easy to use and not expensive.

1. Loyea 12 color eye shadow

This brand is a domestic brand. This eye shadow in their home can be said to be very useful. The matching is perfect, the powder is very delicate, and it is very colorful to apply on the eyes. It is easy to push away a little bit. Do not feel card powder. 12 -color eye shadow plate pearly and matte texture It is also very beautiful, suitable for all kinds of makeup.

2.Tasu her 12 -color eye shadow plate

This eye shadow plate is 36 yuan a plate, the cost performance is really super high, it feels like the price is so beautiful and novice can practice hands. It will be distressed. The picture is a flame mousse, a red -brown disk. The color is the best for this color. Among them, 5 of the 12 colors are pearly colors. The colors in the eye shadow plate are better. The texture is pretty good, and the color rendering and durability are all possible. It is a bit of flying powder, but it is still acceptable to see his price.

3.color Pop Eye Shadow Plate

The picture is also a 12 -color eye shadow plate. In fact Because the texture of their eye shadow is very good, refer to the price and comprehensive evaluation of their home, you can see that the eye shadow of the COLOR POP home is still very high. The color of the name is also different. The hottest thing is the GIVE It to me Straight. This is very versatile and can be painted in important occasions in important occasions.

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