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Dear, I am a professional image design, color matching, and dressing. When I saw this problem, I didn’t want to answer anymore, but I saw a string of wrong suggestions, I think as an image. Observer in the design industry, I need to come again.

First, what colorful clothes you wear are more temperament, healthier, more white, skin tightening, skin texture, red orange yellow green blue purple The composition of the color, the basic color of the black and white gray, every person can be used, everyone has the red orange yellow green blue purple, and black and white gray, and it is determined that your fit color group is The image consultant of the occupation, I can tell you that you are particularly suitable for those colors.

And what color you are suitable, you don’t have your skin color, but your skin color, hair, and the color relationship formed between the three This color relationship has formed six words, called deep, shallow, cold, warm, net, soft.

To say yellow, we are yellow, even if it is white, it is also a yellow toner, the yellow-ranked yellow, has a deep yellow, a light yellow, has a cold yellow, there is Warm yellow, clean yellow, also have soft yellow.

Tell you on the market to customize cold and warm skin through the color of your blood vessel, or test your cold and warm skin with blank paper, or use gold and silver to test your warmth, Not accurately, these methods do not test your cold and warm, not only testing, it will mislead you, tested with these methods, and ten nine have been measured.

How to test the cold and warm skin of your skin? With orange, orange is the warmest color in the world. You wear orange no matter which orange people say it, then you are definitely suitable for warm colors; of course, there is a color, it is black, only cold toning in the world, if Everyone wearing your side said it is good to see, the ten eight nine you are cold toning.

In the orange, there is a light orange, and there is a little orange, and the soft orange, you see you are light orange, still dark orange Good-looking, or soft orange, light orange, look close to the white light color, and dark orange look good, then you are suitable for a little color, of course, if you wear soft orange, then you are suitable for softness s color.

Wear black and look, wear blue and good, then you are a person who looks good with ice color, and wear black and orange people, then you Affirmation is suitable for wearing a gorgeous color.

I feel that I am right, I can pay attention to my headline: Spicy Ji’s image consultant!
I want to do personal image diagnosis, I want to learn color matching, clothing match, image design, etc., I can also pay attention to my headline: Spicy Ji’s image consultant, I want to make further exchange, after paying attentionPrivate letter!

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