What is the method of wearing a picture of Leifeng Hat?

Lei Feng hat, this hat is very good -looking, a bit retro, is unimaginable, just imagine the Lei Feng seen in the textbook, and see what are the pictures of Lei Feng hat style? What is the wearing method of Lei Feng hat?

Lei Feng hat, this kind of hat is more attractive in itself, such as the hat after the founding of New China, or a classic hat. Let’s see what are the pictures of the Lei Feng hat style? What is the wearing method of Lei Feng hat:

Outdoor cold -proof red star Lei Feng hat on the red star icon decoration, fusion of Leifeng hat embellishment, fashion couple model! Fine plush is thick and warm, wearing beautiful effects, skin -friendly and comfortable. Extend the neck to keep warm, effectively protect the ear, and strengthen windproof and cold. High -quality thickened cotton grid, warmth and heat, thick locked temperature, representative of cold -resistant artifacts!

The Korean version of the thickened and warm Lei Feng hat is really beautiful! The fabric workmanship is good, not even the head of the thread, the black short plush inside the hat, no hair drop at all! Duo can be put in or put down. The snow feels more Feel, light and thick, and it is completely okay to wear in winter in the northeast. The return rate is still high!

Plus thickened wool Lei Feng hat overall imitation fur design, which increases the warmth of the hat, and brings you warmth in the cold winter. The inside uses a high -quality shaking velvet, an intimate design of the inner design to prevent the cold wind from invading, and wear super warm in winter. The braid design added to the hat is always cute and cute!

The inner lining of the little ears is a smooth fluff, soft and comfortable, keep warm and cold! The fashion symbols on both sides are fashionable and cute! The inside dual -layer thickened design, soft skin, warm and comfortable! Fashionable and cute embroidery, three -dimensional style, bit by bit, adding cute and cuteness!

The personality and cute couple Lei Feng hat of the fashion sedanite thunder hat, the material of the same quality is the same quality, the feel is soft, the warmth is strong and durable. Thickening and warm -keeping trends are not wrong, and they must be necessary to travel and travel. In the case of minus 30 degrees northeast, you can cover your head and face and ears!

Imitation of Rabbit Mongolian Mongolian Lei Feng hat to keep the warm and fluffy princess Mongolian hat, add intimate design to prevent cold wind invasion, there are cute big hair balls on both sides, cute, better quality, warm -keeping, warm -keeping At the same time, it is also selling cute artifacts! Various styles, pick up with you, no matter which one will be your indispensable cute thing in winter!

The Korean version of the thickened outdoor Leifeng hat is very thick and warm. Do n’t bring an earmuffs when you go out. This one is included. It is convenient, and the cold weather is not afraid! There is cotton inside, the hair is very warm, the hat is very thick, and it can cover the ears and noodles. It is absolutely warm.

The hat of the rabbit hairy Lei Feng hat is incorporated into the fashion knitting element, and the knitted fabric woven the body pattern, highlighting the temperament. Using simulated rabbit hair, the hair is soft and shiny. The inner lining filling is artificial cotton, which is thick and warm. The weather turns cold, and Lei Feng hat is warm and the new favorite of the current trend. How can you take off your hind legs!

Korean outdoor anti -cold Lei Feng hat high -quality plush, 360 degrees warm. High -quality buckle design, which is convenient and practical, can also stand up or put down at any time, convenient. The hat is uniform, thick and warm, good skin -friendly! The inner velvet is very warm, which can protect the neck and avoid cold wind erosion. The mask at the mouth is alive and can be used alone!

Fur rabbits, hair care, thunder fighters fluffy top ball design, super fluffy and round, lip -colored rabbit hair blended, first -class quality. Fashion Korean version of knitted stripes, fluffy and casual, showing ladylike temperament. High -quality dual -layer libraries, such as a baby to care for your health, can effectively resist the invasion of the winter, making you warm this winter.

The picture of the Lei Feng hat is introduced here, is it particularly beautiful? Which one do you see? What is the wearing method of Lei Feng hat:

There are two main methods of the Lei Feng hat: the first is to put down the ears on both sides, which can keep warm and look better. The second is to tie the ears on both sides on the head with the two straps on the Lei Feng hat, and some of them are buttoned. This depends on the specific hat. There are also some hats that have no ears on both sides to get up, and this is only to hang the ears down.

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