What socks are good for rolling pants legs?

Rolling the legs, just roll up the pants and leak out the ankle. It is very beautiful. Let’s take a look at the correct way to roll the trousers? What socks do you wear in roll legs?

To talk about this rolling leg leg, whether it is a man or a woman, the rolling legs can leak out the sexy ankle. Let’s take a look at the correct way to roll the trousers? What socks do you wear in roll legs:

The correct method of rolling pants legs:

① Folding method

Applicable pants type: trousers, straight pants

Difficulty of getting started: Getting Stay

Folding method: After turning up, the leg legs are flattened, generally about 3cm. At the same time, pay attention to the matching with the shoes. The thicker the shoes, the side of the roll can be improved accordingly, and it is better to expose socks when standing.

②AB pants folding method

Applicable pants type: jeans, cotton trousers

Difficulty of getting started: Midth

Folding method: Hold the trousers in your hand Fold, reduce the legs of the trousers, and roll it up twice to three times, and the pants can become tighter and tighter. You can expose about 5cm ankles, and you can match low -top and lightwear shoes.

③ Folding method

Suitable for pants: suitable for all non -packed pants, especially suitable for jeans

Difficulty of getting started: High

Folding method : Fold the excess trousers on the front and rear sides from the inside trousers, fold the pants line from the inward, tighten the trousers to form the work of the work, and then fold it upwards to three times.

What socks of rolling legs are wearing:

If you want to decide to roll the trouser legs, you can not wear medium stockings. Essence

The roll method of rolling legs is introduced here, but don’t wear the wrong socks.

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