Which brand of mascara is easy to use

For eye makeup, our finishing touch is a mascara. Mascara is also a large eye artifact. The gap between coating and not applying is quite large, and the mascara is not as difficult to draw as eyeliner. If you go out, you can apply a little mascara to lengthen the eyelashes and enlarge your eyes. It seems that the makeup feeling is not so heavy. Let ’s recommend a few easy mascara to you.

1.kiss Me mascara

As soon as the mascara is mentioned, everyone has to mention the mascara of Kiss Me’s home. The superb, eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow -dye cream are particularly good. Their mascara’s mascara is painted with thick eyelashes, which will not fly legs. The makeup remover can not be removed. It can be removed with a professional eye and lip makeup remover. It can be seen that its durability is high.

2. Mistine 4D double -headed waterproof mascara

This is the largest makeup brand from Thailand. The biggest feature of their mascara is double heads, one is black, one is black, and one is black. It has the effect of growing eyelashes, and it is naturally thick to apply. The white end is brushed a layer of fiber like white hair on the eyelashes, and then apply a layer of black mascara. Don’t worry about sweat effects, Thai makeup is doing well in this regard.

3. Lancome Swan Cervical mascara

This mascara has a special fire for a period of time. Many people fall in love with its packaging. The face value is very high. The handle is crystal. The texture is also inlaid with a black rose. The shape is really curved like a swan neck. It is convenient to use. It feels that the eyelashes can be brushed at 360 degrees. The eyelashes are also very long and thick, and the effect is very good.

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