Which brands of beautiful pupils look good quality

The eyes are the windows of the soul. How many people dream of having a pair of deep and charming eyes, but how many days they are not willing, the eyes are small, and the makeup alone is very small. At this time Saving a large wave of small eyes, with the pupils seem to have confidence, let Xiaobian recommend a few beautiful and beautiful pupils for everyone, and welcome everyone to add.

1.NEO pupil

This brand is a Korean brand. It feels that Korean beauty pupils are not bad. At least there are quite a lot of appearance. Many, many of this brand of beautiful pupils are also very fast, so they are very popular with young people. There are several classic models below, with an exclusive flower and vitamin ash, very simple and cold wind, and also Classic chocolate color is also very suitable for light makeup girls.


This Korean brand’s beautiful pupils are also very popular in China. Most girls have heard this brand. This brand can be said to be the largest pupil brand in South Korea One of them, the Koreans themselves are also using this brand. Their pupils of their home are very secure. Packaging and detail design make people feel at ease. They also have a iris pupil, which can be regarded as original. It looks like foreigners or mixed eyes.

3. Johnson u0026 Johnson

Why is this brand recommended? Because everyone’s pupils say well after wearing it, because it is particularly comfortable X, which is safer and healthier than those Japanese -Korean pupils. It feels that Johnson u0026 Johnson’s beautiful pupils are very professional, especially daily throws. They sell the hottest and wearing it naturally.

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