Woman in winter with clothes look good?

The cold winter is getting closer and closer, and the thin clothes are not enough to resist cold; if wearing too heavy, there is a beautiful woman who loves beauty. So how to match clothes in autumn and winter is also a very troublesome thing. However, we seize the trend of the trend, master this matching skill, choose a set of warm and unresolved clothing, not very difficult.

Winter, no matter how wearing it is inseparable: sweater sweater

The sweater is divided into many kinds, first divided into cashmere, knitting, yar, etc. from the fabric. From the version, it is divided into, slimming, loose, long models can choose according to their own body and favorite style, and no matter what the material style sweater is very good, with down jacket, Take a cotton vest, hair woolen coat coat, take a small leggings, a half dress, etc. are all fashionable.

However, many women are not very ideal. Xiaobian according to this year’s trend trend and the mass dress group, the most popular match is still loose knit sweater + Slim pants, sweaters to choose high collar solid color The loose version is slightly lazy, elegant, very women!

Slim squats is very important, choose the mistake with the sweater, no match, since the sweater chooses the solid color long collar sweater, then the small feet will not choose too tone. Try to choose a little fancy, such as the above picture; fine line fabric, slim ultra-legged trousers foot, visually pull long leg type, thin and high, spring and autumn can wear, with the sweaters Very matched.

This stylish trend is matched: upper body loose high collar sweater + grillat pants, the whole looks very simple and elegant, the upper body is loose, lazy style sweater, the lower body is slim, thin pants, the two are very complementary Just right, very woman! I believe that you already like this set of matching?

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