After menopause and the cause of the occurrence of menstruation

Introduction: Some people’s menstrual cycle is irregular. If the doctor is tuned in accordance with the normal method, the lutein is used before the ovulation period. This stage is just a period when the lutein is gradually rising, and the menstruation will naturally not come.

The most common menstrual tone sequelae are the chaos and menstrual periods of menstruation. There are two causes of it:

1) The doctor rashly adjusted without fully grasping the patient’s menstrual cycle. The adjustment we do is to reduce the state of lutein from the instantaneous instant to the low concentration, so that patients’ menstruation is tide. However, some people’s menstrual cycles are irregular. If doctors use lutein before ovulation, doctors are used to use lutein before ovulation. This stage is a period when lutein is gradually rising, and menstruation will naturally not come.

2) Some people have poor absorption capacity, and some kind of lutein cannot be absorbed, and most of them are excluded in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore Low concentration. Some people are highly lutein. When the dosage given is insufficient or the patient itself is poor, the menstruation will be invalid.

If the menstrual method is consistent with the laws of women’s hormones, the next menstrual cycle should not be much different from this menstrual cycle. Because the secretion of women’s hormones is the hormone secreted by the endometrium and ovarian itself, stimulating the pituitary gland, and determines the next menstrual cycle. Therefore, if we can adjust according to the physiological cycle, the next menstrual cycle should be roughly the same as the original menstrual cycle.

Other menstrual traditions are relatively rare. For example, the number of days of menstruation is prolonged, or there have been abnormal bleeding. If this happens, you must find the doctor to adjust it again.

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