Does the first cervical TCT check hurt?

1. What is the gynecological TCT test? Is it painful
should be anti -cancer, and the other is HPV that is anti -human nipple tumor or something, mainly electronic vaginal mirrors. Pain may be cervical erosion

Hello: TCT belongs to the cervical cytotoma cancer screening items. Diseases, check cervical cancer and cervical cancer. There is no pain during examination.

“The doctor tells you” -eep all women should do TCT?

2. Is TCT examination and cervical scraper the same type? Does it hurt?

The two types are different, at least the price is different. It’s not scraping the meat … it usually doesn’t hurt.
3. Is the TCT examination of cervical scraping? It hurts when the inspection is not painful?
TCT examination is different from cervical scraping, but the accuracy is higher, it will not hurt, please rest assured!

TCT is a cervical liquid cytology examination, commonly known as cervical brush, because it uses a small brush to brush a few laps on the cervix, stick the shed cervical cells on the brush and send it to the brush. Examination, excluding cervical cancer.
Although it is a few seconds of action, it is theoretically not painful, but some people are more sensitive and shouted loudly when they do it.
4. After the cervical TCT examination, the vaginal pain is for a few months.
The sensory nerves of the cervix, similar to the visceral nerves, are different from skin pain. Pay attention to the pelvic cavity of vaginal pain.

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