Flash warts are infected in the same room

1. Flat wart -shaped warts are transmitted through sexual life
Silk warts: silk warts like small meat thorns. The northern is called u0026 quot; Xiaoshu u0026 quot; or u0026 quot; small cloth bag u0026 quot; Growth in the neck and armpit

Flat warts
silk wart
can be contagious, through sexual life, it is also contagious, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily life, daily Life is less contagious and threatened to children.
2. Is the penis long flat wart sexual intercourse infectious?
If the penis has a flat warts, it cannot be sexually transmitted, otherwise it will be transmitted to the other party.
Flat warts are mainly caused by virus infections. It is recommended to go to the hospital dermatology surgical treatment or laser treatment to cure. Pay attention to the hygiene of the affected area, keep the affected area clean and dry, and change underwear and underwear.
3. Will flat warts be transmitted between husband and wife
Not infected, and the infectiousness of flat warts in life is also relatively small. Flat warts are generally transmitted through autologous inoculation. The person who gets flat warts is because of poor immunity, this stuff is not contagious.
4. Can I have sex in the same room with flat warts?
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