How does 52 positive?

1. How is HPV52 positive
Condition analysis: Hello, HPV52 positive is a high -risk group. HPV infection treatment is mainly to improve the body’s immunity and resistance. Essence You can use antiviral drugs to treat the opinions:

1.52 HPV is a high -risk type. Such virus infection infection may cause cervical cancer.
2. Further examination of the cervical biopsy to see how the cervical epithelial tumor changes may be the possibility of cervical erosion and cervicitis. CIN3 level is accompanied by HPV positive. treat.

HPV52 is a human papilloma virus, which is mainly sexually transmitted. When the body is immune, it may be dyed through public places. It is easy to cause cervical cancer lesions. Treatment should be treated in time. Chinese medicine can regulate the secret recipe of Yin
2. How does HPV high -risk subtype 52 positive
Hello, it means that you are high -risk HPV infections, high -risk types, high -risk types HPV infection is the main cause of cervical cancer. High -risk HPV has three different endings, that is, self -fading, continuous infection, and progress as cervical cancer. It is recommended to detect early treatment early
3. How does HPV52 positive virus come from
Hello! HPV52 virus is a high -risk human papilloma virus, which is mostly caused by sexual contact, especially infection such as unclean sexual intercourse or going to the hospital for examination. u0026 lt; br u0026 gt; u0026 lt; br u0026 gt; If there is the above phenomenon, it is recommended to inject interferon therapy as soon as possible. If there is a lesion of the skin and mucosa, follow the doctor’s advice for laser or electrocoagulation as soon as possible. And regularly review. I wish early recovery!

Hello, HPV52 virus is mainly due to sexual life. HPV52 is a high -risk HPV, which mainly leads to the occurrence of high cervical epithelial tumor and cervical cancer. The treatment is mainly to enhance physical resistance.
It is recommended to check the cervical cell scraping. If there is no adverse lesion, no treatment is required, the cervical cell scraping is reviewed once a year. Pay attention to sexual hygiene. If you have any questions, you can ask me questions or search Yue to send health to the answer you need online.
4. What does HPV52 mean?
HPV52 high -risk positive, indicating that women infected with human papilloma virus 52 type, which is a high -risk virus. If you continue to infection, it is easy to induce cervical cancer. In response to this situation, it is recommended that women do cervical TCT examination to see if there is a cervical epithelial tumor -like or cervical cancer.

Hello, HPV52 is HPV high -risk infection that is second only to 16/18. It means you have infected high riskType 52, I suggest you intervene as soon as possible, and wish you a speedy recovery!

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