HPV picture infection

1. What are the symptoms of HPV virus infected with HPV virus?
As we all know, HPV is a necessary condition for cervical cancer, but this virus does not have significant reactions after entering the human body like an intestinal virus. It caused pre -cancer lesions, and it was not obvious. Therefore, how to discover it in the early days became a major problem.

How is HPV infected?

HPV infection mostly appears in women between 16-35 years old. The transmission path is mainly direct contact infection. In addition, maternal and infants or indirect items may also occur. However, the symptoms of HPV infection are not obvious. The incubation period can reach 3-4 months, and the course of the disease is different. Some can disappear in some months. Although its symptoms are not obvious, it can also be found from some “clues”.

1. Early performance of the low -risk HPV infection

Infected HPV’s early body will appear light red pimples. This pimple becomes more The more, the bigger and bigger, the pimples gradually bulge, highlighting the surface of the skin. The shape is mainly manifested in cocky -like, nipples, romance, and cauliflower -like.

After the male infection of HPV, most of them will be found in foreskin, glans, lace, coronary grooves and urethral opening, and a few patients will also develop diseases in the penis body. Women’s onset parts are mainly in vagina, perianal, vulva, and cervix, and may also occur at the same time at the same time.

3. The color of condyloma acuminatum caused by HPV has a variety of colors, red and gray, and the skin is humid in the infected area. However, because the warts are very small, it is difficult to be seen by the naked eye.

2. Early performance of high -risk HPV infection

1. Infected high -risk HPV, mainly manifested as tumors and cancer on the skin, such as cervical cancer.

2. The symptoms of cervical cancer are manifested as: abnormal or bleeding from vaginal secretions, pain in sexual intercourse, severe severe and urination pain.

How to detect HPV infection?

The hospital has a direct detection of HPV projects. The test results are negative and positive: the result is negative: represents no infection HPV virus; the result is positive: represents representatives You have infected HPV, so the risk of cervical cancer will increase. However, it is clear that HPV positive does not necessarily develop into cervical cancer. It needs to be further examined to check cervical cells to see if there is cancerous. If no lesions are found, you only need to follow the clinic regularly, and find that abnormalities will immediately seek medical treatment immediately.

1.At the same time, the typical symptoms are small red pimples, and pimples will gradually increase and become a nipple -like, cauliflower -like, cocky -like or sink -like biosi. The surface is uneven and soft.
2. If the condyloma acuminatum damage caused by HPV infection is not treated in time, the horsesy creatures are often due to friction rupture and erosion and secondary infection. Generally speaking, male infection parts are most common around the coronary groove and foreskin lace, and can also be seen in the penis, foreskin, glans and urethral ports.

Human papilloma virus infection from the current examination does not cause cervical lesions, which is equivalent to hepatitis B virus carriers. Many of us know that Oskana does not cause abnormal liver merit. This principle is the same. Virus’s disease to the body also depends on the body’s resistance, that is, viral infections may not necessarily cause cervical lesions and even cervical cancer. It may be in a continuous state of infection with the human body, but it does not cause disease.

HPV low -risk generally causes condyloma acuminatum, which is cauliflower or cocky -like, and is treated with physical therapy such as laser or freezing! There are no particularly obvious symptoms of high risks. A small number of people accompanied by leucorrhea increases and yellow colors. High -risk needs to do vaginal mirror biopsy checks to see if there is a lesion!

Because HPV has no special effects, it is mainly to improve immunity! Combined with Gaojixing selenium and vitamin E, the two have the effect of antioxidant and delaying aging! Selenium supplementation to regulate human immune function! Coupled with more exercise, staying up late, replenishing nutrition, and relaxing, it usually turns overcast!
2. Does HPV virus on your hand
HPV is a sexual dissemination microorganism. It can enter the skin and mucosa of the contact person through the tiny damage of the skin or mucosa. HPV stimulates the epidermal base cells, produces division, and causes proliferative damage to the epidermis. In 1954, HPV was confirmed to be one of the pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases. It was related to condyloma acuminatum and contagious.
According to medical vocabulary, you can know that HPV may be infected in your hand, so you need to wash your hands frequently.
3. What are the symptoms of men’s infection with HPV
Men’s infection with HPV virus. It does not necessarily have symptoms. It depends on the type of virus infected and the infected parts. For example, HPV virus infection with genitals or perianal parts, then he may grow condyloma acuminatum. If it is infected with hands or feet, it may grow ordinary warts and plantar warts.

What to do with HPV infection
Hello: because of this disease, there is certain self -limit, and it is easy to recur after treatment. Moreover, there is currently no roots to remove HPV. Therefore, although there are many treatment methods, it is mainly based on local hyperplasia warts. When choosing, the basic principles are still effective, simple, safe, and not caused by scars. For the sub -clinical infection area,Under the instructions of the acetic acid white test, it can be treated at the same time according to the treatment of clinical infection; is it treated or how to treat it?There is no unified point of view.In addition, other sexually transmitted diseases that may be accompanied by may also be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Some people have observed that patients with condyloma acuminatum with other sexually transmitted diseases have higher recurrence rates. In addition, protective measures are taken to avoid being passed on to others.
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