Is flat warts transmitted as soon as it touches?

1. Will it be infected as long as the patients with flat warts are exposed to flat warts?
Flat warts are a kind of skin removal creature. Will it be infected as long as the patients with flat warts are exposed to flat warts? When the flat warts are ill at the beginning of the onset, the part of its onset is progressing and increasing rapidly. There are many active viruses in the warts of flat warts. It is manifested as a healthy skin color or light brown flat pimples with smooth appearance and obvious boundaries. Experts point out that flat warts are mainly contacted in direct contact, so they can be vaccinated by scratching. The patient’s own infection is more powerful. Relatively speaking, the mutual communication ability in the number is relatively weak. Generally, the contacts are generally not infected. Patients do not have to worry too much, but they can be transmitted indirectly through pollutants, such as needles, brushes, towels and other indirect infections. In addition, people with low immunity are prone to flat warts, so they should usually strengthen physical exercise, improve immunity, and prevent infection. If you have any doubts about the above questions, you can click “I want to consult,” if you need to come to our hospital for consultation, you can make an appointment online, and we can get more discounts. We will serve you wholeheartedly. Here, I wish you good health and happiness every day!

Don’t worry, flat warts are generally infected by themselves. It will not be transmitted to others.

Flat warts are caused by HPV virus infection. They are contagious and can be transmitted by direct contact or indirect contact.
The family has flat warts. If you touch it with your hand or touch your body, it is likely to be infected. The personal items used by patients may also be infected.
2. Whether the flat wart will be touched and it is infected.
It is generally okay not to break the skin. If the skin is broken, you need to quickly wipe it with alcohol. The blood and water are very infectious. It is separated from others.

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3. Does the daily life of flat warts contact infection
Of course, it is a very powerful infection. After the virus is good, you do n’t have to be afraid of

There are two types of wart disease, flat warts, ordinary warts, and in short warts are human papilloma virus, which causes benign proliferation. Ordinary warts: common names, there are two types, one is mostly on the hand, the foot of the feet or a few, the grain to the corn, the infectious is slow, the other is a decentralized distribution of the face and hand, and the small body infection is fast and fast. The skin is higher, the top is rough, and the overall hard roots seem to be thorns. If it is cured for a long time or even spreads the whole body, regardless of age. In short, flat warts are soft and commonly distinguished. Non -severe warts, coating warts 祛 g 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非 非!

Flat warts are contagious.
1.) It is mainly transmitted by direct contact,
2.), but it can also be transmitted indirectly through pollutants, such as needles, brushes, towels and other indirect infections.
3.) Trauma is also an important factor in infection.
4.) People with low immunity of the body are also prone to infecting flat warts than normal people.
Treatment. Therapy method:
Purple potion
Apply cotton dipped purple potion on flat warts, apply 6-7 times a day, and persist for 1 week.
Spider Web
Gently wrap the spider web silk on the flat warts and persist for 3 days.
Chuangcai Paste Paste
Put the Chuangye Paste. Stick 2 ~ 3 times.
buckwheat seedlings
In the late summer buckwheat growth season, find a large tender buckwheat seedlings and rub the flat warts.
Press 7 ~ 8 grains of wolfberry into a paste, and paste it with a rubber paste to flat warts for 2 days.
1. Don’t scratch when itching. Otherwise, there will be more and more.
2. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, spicy stab.
3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, supplement a variety of vitamins
4. In the matching, apply it twice a day, and take it off in one month.
4. As long as patients with flat warts are exposed, will it be transmitted?
Hello, flat warts are caused by the virus. Most of the rash appears on the face, the rash appears suddenly, it is the pimples from the needle to the mung bean. It is skin tone or light brown. The surface is smooth, the realm is clear, and the number is large. Sometimes it is arranged in line along the scratch. Generally, there is no conscious symptoms or slightly itchy, and sometimes it can disappear by itself. It can reach several months or years.
Treatment. External use of You spirit. 2 mg of polyps, muscle injection, once every other day.
Pay attention to diet, especially spicy seafood. Be sure to avoid. You can eat some barley for porridge. Some auxiliary functions.

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