More 4% of Japanese young women are not married, no love

You may not know what day, on November 22, in fact, in Japan, this day is called “Loving couple day”, according to the latest data statistics, more than 4% of Japanese young women are not married, this makes everyone very curious Japanese women. I hope that the truth is the truth, why do you have so many Japanese women who don’t want to fall in love? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian ~
More 4% of Japanese young women are not married, no love
Due to the relationship between the harmonics, November 22nd is known as “Loving couple day” in Japan. Every year, the ideal husband and wife list will be selected. This year, the Chinese audience familiar with Yamuo and Silong Friends and couples will be held in the list for 15 consecutive years. On this day, Japan’s related industries will also launch a discounted activity. Tokyo Qingshan gathers a number of boutique flower shops, is a famous fashion district in Tokyo. In Japan’s “Loving couple day”, the business of the flower shop is very popular. In addition to the most common roses, the clerk told reporters that this year, because of the increase in home, it can raise a long time in the pot. popular. In addition to physical stores, various network platforms also launched online ordering flowers, gifts to send the door, and the demand for greetings is also significantly increased. Not only flowers, Qingshan is also a popular area of u200bu200bTokyo popular weddings, wedding, jewelry shops. This year’s epidemic continued, Japan’s wedding industry was greatly impacted. Just 3- September, about 170,000 new people extended or canceled the wedding, the wedding industry direct economic losses were as high as 600 billion yen (about RMB 37.9 billion). Therefore, in the head, many jewelry stores launched a special price, personalized customization of wedding rings. Wedding venues also play the advantages of the venue, opening a couple of couples, special dinner, etc. to increase income. The latest survey shows that the two-year-old couples in Japan believe that the epidemic has improved the relationship between husband and wife. About 60% of husbands said that the increase in home has increased more time to exchange between husband and wife. But on the other hand, the Japanese government’s population survey found that Japan’s 18-39-year-old woman is not married, and the ratio of non-love has risen in the past 20 years. At present, this proportion has exceeded 40%. Low income, the proportion of non-marriage in the crowd without official work is relatively high. To this end, the Japanese government has set up new marriage, helping young couple paying the initial cost of moving, renting a house, avoiding marriage during economic reasons. Beginning next year, it will further relax the age and family income, and the subsidy will also increase from the current 300,000 yen to 600,000 yen (approximately RMB 38,000). Since this system requires partial expenses, only 15% of Japan is currently covered. More views that only pay a subsidy, it is difficult to fundamentally solve the phenomenon of the Japanese society, and the effect is to be observed.
Why is Japan “low desire” will prevail? On November 22nd, it was known as “Loving couple” in Japan, but in the Japanese government’s population survey, Japan (18-39) women were not married, and the ratio of non-love has risen in the past 20 years. The proportion has exceeded 40%. And, lowIn the case of unmarried people in the crowd, it is relatively high. To a certain extent, this phenomenon may not be unique to Japanese women, women around the world should have such trends. You know, on the traditional “marriage and love”, the responsibility of marriage and love may be much more than “two parties” you want “small confidence”. So, with it is a happiness of two people, it is better to say that two people bridge the idea through the order of marriage. Of course, in a long period of time, women have to enter the marriage system, that is, the order of marriage and love is a means of survival in women. This leads, if we don’t go deeply of marriage and love, it is easy to think that marriage is a natural order, that is, women enter the marriage system must be, and it is necessary to be “heterogeneous” without entering the marriage system. At present, although such marriage and love is getting more old, in many countries, they are still mainstream marriage. However, with the development of the economy, the evolution of humanities, the marriage and love concept will also be accompanied by changes in social mainstream individual value concepts. Therefore, in terms of women who are not married, it may not be a simple “feminid marriage” to interpret. In a long period of time, for “sex”, people generally remain silent, only men and women with marriage relationships, they have the right. Therefore, when “sex” is peeled off from the marriage order, it may weaken “sex” to depress the “sex”. Because of the mature individual, the demand for “sex” is the same as eating, even if there is no marriage, there is also a certain release and satisfaction. Of course, we are not to say that the kernel of the marriage and love is “sexual release”, and more importantly, modern civilization allows more women to go independently. In this case, the connotation of the marriage and love is naturally no longer “sexual release” and “survival”, but a more emphasis on the fit of the spiritual level and the implementation of individual will. Therefore, the more you are young, you may not put the marriage and love in life. At the same time, the media emphasizes more than 4-year Japanese young women in the process of reporting: “Don’t get married.” This may also have a big relationship with the reality of many returning families after marriage in Japanese women. The liberation of so-called “sexual release” and “survival” may be just a more common reason, that is, in decimalizing any country, the problem of young men and women is relatively established.
Japanese women don’t want to marry the truth. In fact, in terms of East Asia’s marriage and love, it is generally comparable to family build, especially for fertility, is surpassing love and respect. This leads to even if the husband and wife have no feelings, as long as there is a child, it seems to build a so-called “home”. Just in this construction, the existence of individuals is completely served for the marriage and love, not a better sense of happiness. So, many times, even if all people are holding the mentality of happiness when they enter marriage, but they can go to happiness but phenoto. This is that if the two sides of the marriage cannot be taken to the collapse of the marriage and love. ThenIt’s time, since the two people live together, they don’t necessarily go to happiness, why don’t you live? However, in the current realistic picture, if you eliminate the interference of wedding love, you may not be willing to enter the marriage and love too early. This passive factor has active will. Because, in the society of “individual atomization”, “self-sense” is more distinct to everyone. The existence of marriage or order is itself a violation of this will. Here, look at it, the young men and women of all countries have the trend of late marriage. Even, in the country, two or three years ago, if women were more than 25 years old, they would be considered “old girl”, but now, in China, the deal with young women is probably similar to Japan’s age, basically Female under 40 years old can be called “just the year”. The “leftover girl label” prevalent in the past has always been a little “uncomfortable” now. Therefore, the concept itself is a dynamic change, there is no layer of unchangement, as long as one can live longer, it will experience the evolution of numerous concepts. Also, sometimes the concept will be repeatedly evolved. In addition, “marriage cost” is increasing, and young people are less likely to have a chance in the system society, so it will naturally form a negative marriage and love. After all, in the moment, the marriage and love that people look forward to will be 1 + 1 greater than 2, not 1 + 1 less than 2. Especially for women, it will naturally be more negative in the case of relatively low status in the marriage order. Frank, whether in any form of society, the development space given to women is relatively striking, especially in the order of marriage, and the responsibility to be affected is much higher than men. Many workplace women, but after marriage, they will be relatively alienated, because they can only choose the former between family life and personal future. Otherwise, it will become a big probability to become a secular loser. Of course, someone here will emphasize the high cost of male marriage, and believe that men should bear the construction of heavy assets such as buyers. But we are clear that this “male undertaking”, more than the existence of “exchange logic”, that is, male achieved the value of maternity through women, in short, this is a strict exchange framework, even if it is always Hanging love and happiness in a clear, and it will not be erased.

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