What color hair is suitable for skin black

Dyeing hair is also able to see skin color, if dyed, it is not suitable for the color of your skin, it is a disaster. Generally speaking, warm-colored tone is suitable for cold-tone dieting paste, and cold tone skin is suitable for warm-colored dieter. So what color is made in the skin black? What is the dark person in the skin? Let’s take a look at you soon!

What color hair is suitable for skin black
The skin color is generally deviating or wheat skin tone, and the skin color people do not seem to be healthy, but it will inevitably, so try to select bright colors, such as light brown. , Metal color, etc.
This makes the dark skin look more shirt. Based on this, this effect is more intense based on the use of challenges.

What color is dyed with white skin?
Collective suggestions: brown, black, wine red, blue.
I have said that there is a hundred or ugly, and this sentence is not reasonable. For those who are white, the selection range of color is more extensive, which belongs to a wild skin color. But it is not a hundred no, if you choose a cold tone or too bright color, you will make you look more and more free, it will only be a kind of morbid beauty, so it is best to choose brown, black, wine red Or blue and other colors, these colors will give people a kind of joyful beauty.
What color is usually skin color?
Collective suggestions: dark brown, dark purple, dark brown, chocolate color.
Zhuli skin color is more than white and not white. For the Chinese, it belongs to normal yellow tones. It is a relatively warm brown system to make people’s skin look clean and white, such as dark brown, dark purple, dark brown. Wait, but you have to avoid red, red and other biamless warm colors, these colors will make you instantly become “housewife”.
What color is biased?
Co Color Suggestion: Wine red, dark red, chestnut color.
People with yellow skin are often caused by dullness. The whole face often doesn’t seem to be brilliant, so in order to better brighten the gloss of the skin, you should use, for example, red, dark brown, etc. Paste, or a brown or light coffee color, such as a chestnut. And to refuse tangerines, they will aggravate your skin yellow “disease”.

2020 hot color
Bold blue
This year, a color, but you don’t care about your skin, you will have a dark skin, but the skin of the skin can try ~
2. 青木 亚
This color is also the favorite of the girls, the long curl of linen, and the people are particularly temperament, and the face is very small, the skin is white.
3. Sand gold
A gentle color, its soft hue is not too bright in gold color, and there is a feeling of blushing face. It will look small. Suitable for short hair, straight hair MM, hair microcollery MM, skin tone is not so white sisterInfection, otherwise this color will look at you very embarrassed, skin tone dark yellow disease.
This colorless texture requires very high.If the texture is not good, this color will appear to be in dyeing.Black brown color: The dark-brown transition, it is relatively low-key, but it is not like black, it is close to the dark dark brown color, the temperament is full, there is skin color, whitening the effect, suitable forDark girl with dark skin.
4. 姬 胡 色
The color is a bit lower than the pink, but there is no redness.Joined the gradual color and more unique, if you want to get more attention or eye, you can try this color, the return rate is 100%! But the biggest problem is that fade is very serious!
5. 梅 色
The synthesis of linen and rust colors is also biased.The color of the thin plum is like brown, it is a bit like red, suitable for short hair, MM, especially micro-roll hair, there is a feeling of lazy! Because this color is red, it will appear skinVery white, colorful.

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