What is the lipstick of skin black?

The importance of lipstick is not much more important for girls, which is why girls must have a lipstick in even if they do not make up the cosmetic bag. How much is it for the choice of the red number? Different colors of lipsticks are very different from the effect of different skin color people, then what is the red girls? What color is better for skin black? Let’s take a look at it now! Skin girl is suitable for why the skin is relatively deep, on the color of the choice of lipstick, you can choose the nude, brown system. But remember not to use a pink lipstick, because the pink lipstick will appear to be more short. A skinny skin is used in a white girl. Most people’s skin tones are yellowish, not too many white skin or very dark skin tones. Lishui skin color Daily makeup recommends using a relatively warm color, you can choose to be biased orange or coral color. Can brighten your skin color. But remember that you should not use too cold or dull-sinking color, which will make the skin more yellow, and the use of yellow skin will be strange. I don’t know how to choose the girl according to your skin color, you can tend to relatively low-key colors, like bean sand, light soil color is very suitable. What is the color of the girl in the skin? What color is red 1: coral cashmere skin is yellowish, the skin is not so strong, the warm colored coral color is red, with warm yellow skin has a good coordination, can help you Brighten your skin color, improve the charm value and unique feelings. 2: Although the sand color of the bean sand color is not a high-profile color, but it looks particularly natural. If you don’t want to spend time makeup, picking up a bean sand and picking out the door, and the bean sand does not pick skin, white skin and The yellow skin can be controlled, and the skin of the skin is painted, and it is also very dense. 3: The earth orange orange is the color, the same as the earth orange, the earth orange is between the red and orange, the brightness does not have orange and red, but more obscured than orange, and Will look more steadily and mature. 4: Brick red bricks are also a little tangerine color, belonging to the cold color, as asians that warm the yellow skin, so the skin of the skin is completely competent, both help us brighten your skin, there is a very temperament It also reflects a retro feeling. 5: The plum color plum color is more special, many girls don’t dare to try it easily, in fact, plum color can help the skin of the skin to adjust the skin, and very good at the air. Coated red misunderstanding 1. Light lipstick does not bottom to paint the red bottom and the non-bottoming contrast is obvious, the bottom after the bottom of the lip makes more color, and the light-color lipstick of the bottom is for the lip The more deep sisters are simply a disaster, covering the original lip color is very embarrassing. 2. Do not use lip balm to make a dry matte mist face red If you don’t have a lip, the lipstick paste is deeply residual in the gap of the lip. After the paste is finished, the lip is dry and the lip is uniform. Phenomenon. In order to avoid the moisture of the lip to be tapped by the lipstick, use a lip balm to give the lip to a layer of protective film with a lip balm while moisturizing the lip.

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