After the bureau is running, you should have the best way to do your husband.

Suddenly I found that my husband is derailed in marriage? Crying or talking about calmness, let’s take a look at how to deal with her husband is best.

The best handling method after the bureau is outline

Find the husband’s derailment, first to stabilize himself. Don’t turn yourself into a scorpion. This will only make you more stupid, you have to stabilize emotions. If you can’t go, then choose to let go.
Learn to communicate with each other. When there is contradiction, don’t choose the matter of regret because of the impulse. Therefore, communication is important, especially when two people have contradictory.

After discovering husbands, if there is a man in a man at this time, he will confess you with your mistake, want to return home. This time, if you want to continue this marriage, you should accept it.

After the husband’s goal should be issued

First I found that the husband will be reluctant to treat this thing. He is definitely reasonable, maybe because he doesn’t love his wife, of course, some contradictions between two people can be caused. He is derailed, you must first find the reason.

Then calm down and slowly analyze the reason. Of course, I found that my husband’s derailment must be very angry, but I also need to let yourself calm down. If you find that your own problem is caused, it will be corrected in time.

I found that my husband’s derailment should not be stunned, try to convince people with reasoning, or find a suitable opportunity and the other party. The big stunned fuss will only make the problem increasingly unable to solve, so even if a marriage can no longer continue, get along.

How to defend the husband’s derail
mainly in psychology. Through the scene guidance, let the other party recalls you warm and sweet moments, thereby reaching the purpose. But also pay attention to the timing and method of playing your feelings. Don’t mention too much to mention the past, let the other party strongly recall, or to eliminate the opponent’s resistance to the blindness, it will often lead to worse cases. So how should I make the emotional card? First, you can let him go to the place where you have had a good memory, let him revitalize the old land, but don’t take the initiative, let him go to the scene; second, you can treat the child, parents, friends as a scorpion, talk One talk, lead them from the current situation to the past, so you can reach a emotionally resonance, close to each other’s distance; third, appropriate talk about what you have encountered recently, weaken the man to relax the psychological preparation. Then, from today’s encounter, the suffering you experienced, letting him remember the years that you support each other, shocked his heart, let him regret, jealous. It is a very effective way to play the emotional card.

Husband derailedHow to get along with him

Even if you choose to forgive your husband, you will feel anger and wronged, which is normal. Most people are like this. Over time, gradually calm down, don’t have to give yourself too much pressure, self-blame. Moreover, there is no completely perfect thing in the world, not to mention marriage. What we can do is to accept the incompatibility of containe marriage, don’t lose money because of small things. Adjust your emotions and work hard for future marriage. This is what you should do.

Don’t mention the past

After the husband returned to the home, she thought that everything was calm, but some women had a root thorn. Whenever they quarrelly, they will come out of her husband’s derailment. But then it is a bad behavior, which is also not conducive to the recovery of husband and wife. If you always say that he has traveled, use it to humiliate him, blame him. Even if he wants to become better, you always say that he is also very easy to rebellious, leading to him again.

Strengthening communication with her husband

Husband derailed, marriage cracks, often the negligence of each other. At this time, as a smart wife, we should strengthen contact and communication with his life and emotions. In life, take care of his daily life, seek help; feeling, I know how to use gentle words to care for him. When the problem occurs, we should take positive attitudes to eliminate the cracks in marriage by strengthening communication.

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