Are the blind date boys seeing the long -term and the attention of the blind date men

Many people are nervous for the first time. In fact, don’t be too stressful. Just relax yourself. Don’t say a lot of meaningless words to alleviate the embarrassment and give people comfort and respect.

What to eat for the first blind date

1. Do not blow yourself, refer to the consumption ability of the introducer, refer to the average consumption level of the two places for the elderly. In short, don’t be too bad.

2. You must eat if you have conditions, because the feelings of the future are the most rich, and it is easier to accept the other party. You have the opportunity to send the other party to take a walk. In short, if you continue to continue, it is dinner, and lunch is a working meal, haha.

3. If it is convenient, you can talk about some working conditions, college life (understand the education level of the other party), weather, entertainment dynamics (don’t be too gossip), sports (understand the general health status of the other party), travel tourism, travel (Understand the general living standards of the other party), movies, music, literature, art, fashion, fashion (understand the taste of the other party, resonate, talk about philosophy is also good), hometown customs and landscapes, interesting things about people, etc.

4. Let’s say a few words to see what kind of personality, disgusted what you said.

5. Be sure to praise. Find any reason to boast her decent, just do it normally, don’t be shy.

6. If you are beautiful and you can look at your eyes, you will start showing off your wealth. If you are not beautiful and look down on your eyes, you will start crying for poverty.

7. Try to talk about parents as little as possible when dating. Why? Say too much will make the other party feel that you are not mature enough. Secondly, they will not feel security for you. If you are a man, you will think of twenty -four filial piety. If you are a woman, you will be the king of the family in the future. In summary, if you want to have a blind date early, then move your parents out. In the ten sentences, nine sentences are parents, and the tenth sentence is related to parents. Congratulations, you will be eliminated by T.

8. In fact, when you meet for the first time, talk as much as possible to talk about each other. For example, you can introduce where you work and what do you do.

9. Many people now eat food and talk about food can help two people find common languages u200bu200bquickly. Talking about your newly opened snack bars, it will definitely resonate. Smart, have a normal heart, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, relax. I think that girl feels that you are sincere and say something humorous, so it feels good. Remember girls, don’t interrupt. If both parties think that the other party is good, or if you want to keep in touch, it is more appropriate to contact a male and female friends for a period of time or date for a few times.

Try to let the other party talk more. You have to listen as much as possible and actively respond. The purpose of all your remarks is to guide the other party to speak, remember, express and encourage. You can retain the point of view you do not agree,Actively express your consent. You can also talk about some interesting topics, such as jokes, gossip, but seeing the other party like it. The main reason is to guide the other party to express their chat habits, and then it is easy to do. Understand the topic of the other party’s interest and interest. A pleasant chat is an important reason for the other person to impress the other party. Don’t think that doing these surface kung fu is hypocritical. To be a man of camouflage. If you do not abide by the rules, don’t you want to get married forever? When chatting, don’t believe that a man can see your inner at a glance. The first impression of a man seeing a woman is purely a physiological animal, and you can’t believe it. Many girls now face blind dates. A blind date is a game of a man’s appearance and a woman’s feeling. Men’s appearance, women look at the comprehensive experience.

What should I do for the first meeting of the blind date

Smile sincerely

The first meeting is inevitable and nervous. At this time, try to relax your mentality, look directly at each other’s eyes, and talk about some interesting things or gossip to resolve the embarrassing atmosphere. Smile and nodding are the expression of friendship and recognition of others. Your sincere smile will add points to you.

The words of praise

Everyone loves to listen to praise. If you meet for the first time, you can constantly affirm the advantages of the other party during the conversation. Grasp the time! For a short compliment of the other party, the other party will feel that you are an elegant and self -knowledgeable person, which can ease the atmosphere and increase the favor of the other party. If you meet a person who understands yourself and appreciate yourself, maybe fate will really come, you must catch it.

Normally express yourself

In terms of behavior, the preferences of girls and boys cannot be partial. Girls like masculine, gentle, humorous, calm and restrained. Some boys like to be beautiful, some like gentleness, and some women who like quiet. But men are not rude, and the introverts are not passive Nuo. They are not cheerful in public.

Precautions for eating with a blind date

Do not eat it one by one.

For the first time, all big things were left to the other party to choose, decide, handle, completely passive. Unless the other party happens to be a big man and a woman, the other party will feel very annoying and tired. And even if the other party has a strong desire to control, you will want to satisfy your wishes: what do you want to do? Where do you want to go? If you don’t have any expectations, it will always be “inadvertent”, and the other party will find it boring. Still, dating is a matter of two people, you are also

May wish to prepare. Buying the bill to know “observing words”

In fact, the initial stage of love, the attitude of buying a bill is very important. If the other party is a big man and a big woman and has enough strength, the most avoided method is to have an AA system with the other party. But if the other partyWesternization of concepts, everything is equal and independent, you may wish to pay AA. If the other party is older and stronger than you, you don’t have to pretend to pay for it, just express your gratitude sincerely. But after a few times, you may wish to buy it once.

Don’t talk about past love experience

Eating with a blind date man, it is best not to talk about past love experience. If you say a lot, it will easily lead to the relationship between the two people. If the experience is relatively rich, the other party may feel that you are easy to spend, or you will feel that you are not too checked; if you experience it is not only rich and painful, the other party will not only sympathize with you, but you will feel that you must be dumped. Of course, the other party is except for alternative Wenqing. (But the alternative Wen Qing, it seems that it is rare to go to sincere blind dates …).

Do not do your body first

For the first time to meet a blind date man, even if you fell in love with each other at first sight, there is no need to yell at each other frankly. On the one hand, the other party will feel “too fast”. Second, you will not be enthusiastic. After at least twice, at least after you have clear love with each other …

Don’t be too silent

The first time to meet the blind date man is not the most difficult to find a topic. The difficulty is that it continues. If you say nothing; or no matter what the other party says, there is only ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can definitely let the other party retreat and leave calmly. Dating and dating, after all, it is a matter of two people.

Pay attention to the temperament of clothing

For the first time, if one party feels that the other party is wearing a bad taste, they are unwilling to walk together, basically there will be no second chance. If you are not very confident in your clothes, you may wish to see the dressing guide of fashion magazines before dating.

Are the blind date boys looking at each other

A blind date is a technical work, and men sometimes look at their faces and figures. If your image is outside With a full score, men will be willing to know you more. If you don’t look very sloppy, the man does not want to be alone in a second and want to escape in minutes. Therefore, when the blind date, the appearance is an important score. “Men’s forty -one flowers, women’s forty soybeans” concept penetrate the bone marrow. Data show that 21 -year -old women are the most popular in the blind date market. At the age of 26, the average number of pursuers on the blind date website of men and women is equal. At the age of 48, the average number of suitors on the blind date website is twice that of women. The discrimination of “Langcai Women’s Ogreestylin” seriously affects self -identity and presentation.

Women are more concerned about their appearance. 20%of female members will violate website regulations to use their younger and more slender periods of photos as “recent photos”. Men care more about their income40%of male members lied to report their income and disguised successful people. Generally speaking, appearance has a strong dominance left by each other’s first meeting. Especially in the process of blind dates, the appearance of appearance may play a decisive role of 60%. However, with the deepening of each other’s exchanges, the influence of appearance will gradually weaken. Beauty chose a handsome guy like a handsome guy, which is nothing wrong. Just after the surface edge of the surface, the two sides need to pay more attention to each other’s exchanges. If the two sides are not in love, they just care about the appearance, then this love will be extremely unstable.

The first impression is still very important, first of all, you need to dress yourself slightly. As a occasion, a very important occasion may determine the other half of your future. You have to draw a little light makeup, and the clothes are reasonable. You don’t need to draw too thick, just a little bit. It can give people a clean and tidy look. Before the blind date, you can ask what clothes you should match and what kind of light makeup should be paired. Parents can generally give more useful suggestions. This will definitely add points to your appearance. This is also the beginning of success. Unless you look beautiful, you must make makeup as usual when you are on a blind date, and draw a light makeup. Men will definitely judge her aesthetic level through the dress of girls. Do not wear too much exposure when blind dates. It is probably the old -fashioned, simple, generous, and fresh. Girls’ elegance is definitely bonus. For the first time, the indecent meeting shows the other party how you whisper, it is best to listen to him quietly. Men will always be attracted by girls who are generous and decent, and they will tend to think that they are a good wife and mother -like girl. Therefore, when a blind date, girls can think of a loyal listener.

In short, the two parties are equal, and the best parties are the best. Marriage cannot be asked. There is no need to ask for people. Doing this will only make the other party look more lightly. It can be said that blind dates, that is, a comprehensive game of the conditions of both men and women. Don’t have the entrustment of “if you take the initiative”, these words are just unsuccessful self -comfort. Blind dates must be confident and self -reliance.

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