Can I find her girlfriend to help by my girlfriend?

Misunderstanding is sometimes a killer in emotion. Even if some couples misunderstand and do not explain, they will think that the other party will understand themselves, which will only lead to deeper and deeper misunderstandings.

Is it to be explained by his girlfriend?

If you need to explain it, you can’t explain it, try to say both sides. If you still don’t listen, you don’t need to explain forcibly. Forcibly explanation will only be counterproductive. Sometimes emotions are not words, but emotional rejection.

How to explain the misunderstanding of his girlfriend

Sit down calmly, let her listen to your explanation slowly. If she really loves you and cares about you, she will listen carefully to your explanation. If she just wants to find an excuse to break up, the explanation is useless. Some misunderstandings will make her feel deeper. In short, emotional things are fate.

I ca n’t explain the misunderstanding by my girlfriend

If you cannot explain it clearly, you will use action to prove that some things are misunderstood and cannot be explained. Some things are even worse. The more explanation, the more misunderstandings. If you can’t explain things that are unclear or unable to explain, don’t explain. Time and action prove that they are okay. Love her well, accompany her, care about her, is the best explanation of explanation.

Can I find her girlfriend to help by my girlfriend

If you are really misunderstood, your girlfriend is injured, you will not explain to yourself or you will not explain it or you will The opportunity to meet, then you don’t need to explain it. More explanations will only increase her trouble. After the girlfriend calmed down for a day or two, let the girlfriend’s girlfriend explained by himself, and then apologized to the situation.

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