Can the feelings of the old feelings long?If you have no love, you will repeat the same mistakes.

Due to special reasons, the two feelings are very emotionally interrupted, such as graduation, or those who are forced by parents, although they are separated, although they have been put down, after some time or after several years, after several years later Under the chance, the relationship between the two people, re-established, called the old feelings.

The two people have never truly break up, and it is also necessary to reach together.

If the two people have never been truly broken up, it will be willing to go together, and the lovers will have a lot of encounters in the process of real life. Differentiations and contradictions, the mutual inclusion and understanding between two people is the necessary factors that can continue. The contradiction between the lovers will not be true, now there are many young couples, always hang their breaks in the mouth, what happened in the two people, and the Zhangkou is breaking, but this breakup is fundamentally Not true, the two people have not taken this sentence. The old feelings in this state are all necessary to happen. Two people are looking for a step, they all want to give each other under this step.

Uncomfortable love, there is a possibility of re-igniting emotions

uncomfortable love, there is a possibility of heavy emotions, this is not only a truth, or a warning, don’t find out what you have just broken up. Be a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, such a breakup, in fact, it is self-deception. It is necessary to understand that the two people feel that the feelings are not affected by breakup. The future is also a thing to come together is a destined thing. So Green opportunities are also inevitable.

The breakup of their breakup can’t break up. Such old love is replenished, and it is only to return to the previous state, and the love of uncomfortable breaking is possible to re-ignite emotion. Everyone has a paid in love. When faced by breaking, there will be some unscrupulous. If the two people are such a state, as long as there is a suitable opportunity to let two people meet together, re-find love The state, the two is a matter of course.

As long as there is love between the two, there is nothing

. It is a normal thing to go together. It’s just that anything is easy to do. When you really face breakup, you want the old feelings to return to a particularly difficult thing, it is difficult to find a state of love in love, and you can’t be affected by the first The impact of the three, the feelings are not right to talk. Whether it will be hurt, happiness or unhappy, always only a subjective feeling, love, love, division, as long as there is love between the two, there is nothing, just reasonable and appropriate What is the old feelings? Something, because the mutual understanding between the two people is ignited, which makes them cherish each other.Because it is lost, then cherish, then with beauty, happiness life is together.

If there is no love, the old feelings are repeated. So, do you have to love you? Is the old feelings really love, or say that it is just the previous nostalgia? It is undeniable that the words will feel different from before, we have to distinguish, don’t make mistakes. Love, the two people have been separated, still count, everything will change, no need to raise the old feelings, if there is no love, the old love is repeated.

Because the two people will break up, there is a contradiction between the two people. It is because there is no way to solve the contradictions of those existence, and they will break up, if the two people have to continue composite, these contradictions It will still exist, still can’t solve the problem. There is no problem between the two people, which leads to the failure of their feelings, so their results are of course repeated.

Although the old feelings are good, they explain that person is loyal, why not get old? The feelings don’t have long before, can let two people go, accompanying the last one is only responsible, saying that love is a lifetime, then why Not? The old feelings re-ignited individuals believe that if they still love, the compound is a thing, but it is necessary to comply with the premise of responsibility. If there is no responsibility, there is no love, the old love is to repeat the same time.

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