Girls who feel very cold have 4 characteristics on their faces

Now brush the video software casually, and you will find a lot of beauties. There are all kinds of beauty, except you can’t think of it. There are no sweet systems, royal sisters, cool systems and the like. Which department do you like the most?

Many other girls of other departments are a common existence, especially the sweet girls, and there are few girls in the cold system. Knowing which department you belong to. As long as you have these four specialties, it means that you are the girl of the Cool Department and a particularly attractive beauty.

Let’s take a look at the four characteristics of the cold girls. Come and see if you are a cold girl.

The facial features are scattered, and the beauty of Bai Qinli on the face is actually a kind of beauty that even women feel beautiful. Qin Li’s beauty feels cold, and she can’t move her eyes without doing anything.

She looks not only because of her temperament, but also because of her face. Her facial features are particularly scattered, not particularly compact, and they look particularly comfortable. The combination is particularly beautiful. It feels special to combine. There is no sense of disobedience. It looks very generous.

and her face is much blank, the skull will be more masculine, not as soft as ordinary women, it will make the outline of the face more clear. The face looks particularly three -dimensional, and the whole face is a particularly sensible feeling.

The eyebrows are light, and the bones are not prominent. Speaking of angels, everyone’s first reaction is that she plays Leng Qingqiu in “Golden Fan Family”, a particularly amazing role. Her eyebrows are like the eyebrows of ancient girls. They are particularly light, making people feel far away at a glance.

And her skeletal image is not particularly prominent, especially with a sense of line. Although her face was a bit big and a little bit fleshy, she was not lost to other female stars at all. Moreover, the forehead of the Qing Dynasty was round, and the heaven was full. And the angel’s nose bridge is very three -dimensional, and the jawbone is not wide. As long as it is a little better, it is particularly beautiful, special temperament, and a cold goddess.

People who have seen Liu Yifei who have seen Liu Yifei will remember her. She really looks like a girl who can’t pick up wrong. Moreover, she looked at the little dragon girl of someone else’s house. She didn’t feel at all, making people feel unable to add. It seems that others can’t play that feeling.

Liu Yifei is really a kind of cold feeling, which is related to the lines on her face, because her lines are very soft, not particularly sharp, and can make it allowed to make it. People feel aggressive on their faces. Her bones are very good, and there are no extra meat on her face,Facial lines are smooth, and they are also standard goose eggs. They are exquisite in facial features. With their own temperament, they feel that they have their own aura and dare not approach.

The temperament is elegant and the eyes are soft.Although Liu Shishi rarely participate in activities after marriage, every time he appears in front of everyone’s attention, he will surprise everyone.Unlike the three people above, she gives people a quiet and gentle feeling.

Her looks are not prominent, but they are attractive and characteristic.She belongs to the kind that everyone will still see even if she is thrown into the sea.She has a particularly elegant temperament with some temperament in her eyebrows.She is particularly gentle and looks good.It is a feeling that others can’t learn.

Well, the four major characteristics of the Cool Ministry shared by the sisters today are here.You will find that these stars have their own characteristics and feelings.Even after many years, I won’t feel outdated, especially beautiful and better.Are you a girl in the Cool Department?Tell the school sister in the comment area.

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