Girls with high emotional quotient high -emotional quotient women are the best life

Jia Ling can be said to be a funny actor in the entertainment industry. As long as there is Jia Ling in the show, people will laugh.

I was interviewed at the Golden Eagle Film Festival, and many reporters interviewed today’s traffic Huadan. Jia Ling stood on the stage for a few minutes, and no reporter asked questions. Other stars have long felt embarrassing, but Jia Ling cleverly resolved an awkward atmosphere with her high emotional intelligence.

She took the initiative to tell reporters, u0026 ldquo; Am I going to this point? u0026 rdquo; You have no problem to ask me, then I say one by myself. There are no objects in 32. My agent is here. The unmarried young man will leave a contact information for me in a while. Of course, handsome is the focus. u0026 quot;

not only created a pleasant atmosphere, but also attracted the attention of reporters to himself, which can be described as two birds with one stone.

The success of a person comes from 1%of IQ plus 99%of emotional intelligence. Ma Yun once said that u0026 quot; those who enter the society want to succeed, 20%depends on IQ, 80%test is emotional quotient u0026 quot;

EQ high not only requires high degree of education, high cultivation, but also exercise your own eloquence in order to quickly alleviate the awkward atmosphere. Women with high emotional quotient often achieve greater success. So, what are the characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence?

Part respects your heart

EQ is also a symbol of wisdom. In the new season of “Extreme Challenge”, there is a link to guess the female star name according to the photo. Facing Zhang Junning’s photos, Yue Yunpeng said: u0026 ldquo; Who is this, isn’t it red? u0026 rdquo;.

Later, Zhang Junning posted a photo of his own on Weibo and redd his skin. The postscript said: u0026 ldquo; I try my best to make myself red. u0026 rdquo;.

For ordinary female stars, it may be a bit angry in the face of this problem, but Zhang Junning cleverly uses his high emotional quotient to solve this problem and has become friends with Yue Yunpeng. This not only increases Zhang Junning and Yue Yunpeng The popularity has also brought many people to Zhang Junning Road, increasing the number of fans.

Women with high emotional quotient to achieve the simplest method when dealing with problems. Smart people will go against it, and people with low emotional intelligence will make things bigger and bigger. Regardless of their reputation, they will do something that harms others.

So the coquettish woman lives best, and the essence of coquettishness is a manifestation of high emotional quotient. Real good women are basically a model of high emotional quotient.

PART will not offend people, leaving himself behind

Many women will ask their husbands, if your mother and I fall into the river at the same timeWho will you choose to save? Facing this problem, men are easy to embarrassed. If you save your parents first, explain filial piety, but your girlfriend will be angry. If you save your girlfriend first, who is willing to marry a man who does not know how to be grateful to his parents?

So in the face of this u0026 ldquo; send propositions u0026 rdquo;, Yi Nengjing replied, u0026 ldquo; I can swim, I can save my mother -in -law, but my mother must pay attention to weight u0026 rdquo;! It not only solves this proposition, but also promotes the harmony of the family atmosphere.

Each family will have some contradictions. After all, the two generations of people have different ways of thinking, and the angle of viewing the problem will be different. Women with high emotional intelligence will resolve contradictions. Women with low emotional intelligence will only confront the elders, which will cause her husband to clip the middle situation, and family relationships will only become more and more tense.

If you envy Yi Nengjing to find such a good man and live such a happy life after the second marriage, you might as well temper your emotional intelligence and let your happiness follow.

PART is sincere and sincerely respects others

People with high emotional intelligence will respect others’ ideas. Huo Siyan is known as the happiest woman in the entertainment industry. She not only has a gentle and considerate husband, but her son also loves her. When we were young, we would ask our parents a question, u0026 ldquo; Mom, where am I? u0026 rdquo;

Some parents are not convenient for their children to tell their children, and they will perfunctory children and say u0026 ldquo; Huo Siyan told the child u0026 ldquo; you grew up in your mother’s belly for a long time, and then u0026 rdquo; then came out of the mother’s belly.

Uh, ask u0026 ldquo; When I was in my mother’s belly, would my mother hurt when I jump? u0026 rdquo;

Huo Siyan said: u0026 ldquo; Mom will not hurt. When you kick me, it means you miss me. Every time you move, I feel very happy. u0026 rdquo; not only answered the child’s doubts, but also made children understand that it was not easy for parents to conceive in October, and cultivated gratitude from an early age.

Parents are the best enlightenment teachers of their children. When educating children, parents with high emotional quotient will think more from the perspective of their children, treat their children as their peers, instead of always taking children as elders to educate.

I have seen a small story before. My dad asked my daughter to like my mother or my dad. She pointed at my dad and said she liked my dad more. After the reason, the daughter replied: u0026 ldquo; Because my father likes his mother, my mother likes me. If I like my mother too, no one will like my dad. u0026 rdquo;. Children will from their parentsMake your own judgment in practice, so who doesn’t like to speak cute children?Nixia said:

The three characteristics of the above are the basic characteristics of high emotional quotient women.I hope you also have high emotional intelligence and can handle interpersonal relationships.

Maybe some people say that people with high emotional quotient are living with camouflage masks, and Pi smiles with others with other people’s words.The side will be said to be low in emotional quotient.

But in fact, cultivation of emotional quotient is a compulsory course for everyone and getting along with people with high emotional quotient. You will feel very comfortable. In a state of relaxation during the chat process, you will have a good opinion of this person.

People with high emotional intelligence have a tolerant heart and a deeper pattern. EQ is a positive energy full of wisdom. It is simply smart and forever.Senior performance.

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