How does a girl who look at the personnel of the boy?

Girls are normal. There are several girls now not to be warranty, but the degree of words may not be the same. So what is the person in the boy’s heart? Let’s take a look.

What is the child’s heart is in the boy’s heart

In fact, everyone has different views on the nature of the girl, and some people think it can be accepted. Quite cute. It can be too much. You can’t make trouble. Because wordless is a woman’s nature.

How does boys look at the personnel

In fact, in the eyes of boys, girls’ sure is a sanitary word, meaning cute, but Taiwanese sexy People feel tired, to grasp the scale of the taste, too much.

The reasons for girls

The woman before marriage is the way, her purpose is to make men care more. After marriage, they will change. No need to change. People are unable to change personality. It is effective to change it. Oh, there is something, if she loves you, she will change.

The purpose of female students
In fact, the woman’s taste is a promise. They are generally thinking: he doesn’t love me in the end. If he wants to love me, it will contain me, accept my bad temper. If he can’t be included in me, how do we get along with? The woman refuses a man, one of the reasons is that men are refused to contain her, do not give her a space. Catholic and inclusive representatives can make a concession that a man can make when you love. When a man attaches great importance to a woman, he regards the concession and the inclusion as a pleasure, and women will receive such a result.

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