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The Cold War between couples is very common. During the Cold War, neither of them wanted to be a person who spoke in advance. In fact, if they do this often, they will hurt their feelings, even the closest couples cannot accept it.

Who speaks first

Some people say that during the cold war of couples, the general party with a good temper will compromise first; some people say that when the couple’s cold war, the party who generally knows the wrong party will bow their heads to bow their heads. Confly; first, we analyze from the perspective of a man. During the Cold War with my girlfriend, I believe everyone has this feeling, that is, men’s face is better. Most men don’t want to bow their heads first, but as men, they have to stand up at a critical moment. As a man, what is your head bowed in front of his woman? Well, from the perspective of women, we are women, and the Cold War is over. We are uncomfortable. Every time I stare at my mobile phone, I look forward to calling us. Sometimes we are not unreasonable. As a woman, we should be loved. You haven’t contacted me for so long. You must not love me, so when we go on like this, women will always look forward to, doubt, and lose. Can’t say when the couple’s Cold War, who would compromise her head first? But I know that people who give up first must care more and love each other more.

The real version of the psychological tactical men and women of couples

Male version:

Are you angry again? Hurry to open your head, think about, search, and think about what you say wrong. what have you done?

Can you coax? What’s wrong with coaxing me? If you are wrong, will you be more angry?

Do not call, do not send text messages, do not return menstruation! Let her calm down, wait for her to get better ~

Quietly smoking cigarettes: Hum. Love contact but not contact, every time I take the initiative will be tired! Labor and capital cannot adapt to your odor. Never end!

When I was in charge, I asked my brother to go to black ~ After a few games: hey. Will she secretly cry? No, it was my fault, she cried after all the mistakes.

This is my daughter -in -law, to coax me to raise me (first persuading yourself is my fault). “My dear, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I’m wrong …” Endless loop!

Finally, I persuaded each other. Although I don’t know what’s the reason, I hope we will never quarrel in the future!

Girls version:

Hum! If you don’t find me, I won’t find you!

He didn’t come to coax me or coax me! I am angry. I will never talk to him anymore!

He no longer loves me! Don’t be emotional, don’t love!

Although I want to talk to you very much, I will not take the initiative to find you because I am cool! I didn’t expect you to be cooler than me. I didn’t find you, youI didn’t find me. I don’t care about the best labor!

What are he doing? Do you really don’t care about me? Are you really afraid of losing me?

Why did I promise to be with him? Am I stupid? Do you want to break up? But it’s a bit reluctant to … what to do … it’s so tangled …

Wake up to watch the mobile phone, eat and watch the phone, then play with you, start shutdown, pretend to be busy, can’t help but boot after half an hour.

Finally, when the other party sent a message, “Are you there?” And then throw the phone aside. Labor and capital just ignore you, let you know the seriousness of the situation. Give me a relaxed reply in an hour, uh.

At the beginning, I thought I would not forgive you easily even if you asked me. Later, he found that he really did not take the initiative to contact, and then thought: Forgive the other party, Ah, the girl was still soft -hearted.

Finally, I think, if I really break up, I should be self -esteem. I don’t bother, don’t miss it, and it’s not sad. I told myself that I would live better without him. I thought a lot. As a result, they called me to apologize, and I immediately reconciled. Mom egg! It’s all futile!

The first sentence of the cold war of couples

I am very unhappy these days, I believe you are the same. I hope you can say what you want to say in the future.

I cheated myself. I didn’t miss you, but one week, I couldn’t help it.

I’m waiting for you to coax me, know?

Have you lost this woman

Have you eaten?
Good night

I have forgiven you.

I give you a step. Do you want

I am pregnant with your child (?)

Still alive?

1 Still angry?

How about going to eat hot pot in the evening

I think you (but I still have a lot of grievances)

Love is the promise of men and women to depend on each other, tolerate each other, and be together for a lifetime. Essence Therefore, love is unique, selfish, extravagant, and no one wants to share their love with others. There is no special way to restore love, mainly to find two reasons that lead to the breakup and apply the right medicine. However, men must provide security for women. If men and women do not have a sense of security, it will only be separated. The key is that it has changed, and it depends on the attitude of the other party. As long as two people can reconcile, they can get along. As long as both parties in love can love each other.

Payment, one point of responsibility and one point of responsibility, can change for the other party, and stick to this point of love.

How to be cleverShu Cold War

The first step: actively show, indicate attitude

Many boys will think that it is a very man to pull the girl for forgiveness. It is a kind of behavior that does not care about girls. The girl suddenly ignores you, there must be a reason, even if you don’t think it is wrong to you, but at this time, don’t entangle who is wrong, but you should take the initiative to break the deadlock of the Cold War. After the ice -breaking, the ice breaks for favorable conditions. Even if the girl is calculated with you in the end, you can at least have a good impression. The active showing that it is to show the attitude and the position. Showing good and admitting mistakes must be sincere, so that girls feel that you really know the wrong. If you say, “I know, right?” Or “What do you want to apologize to you?” The girl will definitely not forgive you, but feel that you want to be perfunctory and don’t care about her. “Don’t ignore me, you say that I am so rare to find a chat that can be talked about. I really know that it is wrong, you will help me, I will never commit it again.” Brothers may wish to You can try this. In addition to your sincerity, you can subtly express the important position of the other party. This will make girls feel that you value her and really want to change for her.

Step 2: Paying action, showing that sincerity

The Cold War is actually strong and strong, and weakness is weak. You have to touch her and think about the Cold War with her, then you are really stupid. In fact, during the Cold War, they thought more about how you would coax her. At this time, it was time to say that it would not be possible to forgive it, and it was time to put it into action. It is often not a huge surprise that can move the most, but to do some small things inadvertently. If the two are in the same city or living together, the man has already occupied a great advantage, at least she is still within her own sight. For example, you can get up early to buy a hot breakfast for her, by the way, or a small note that apologize, or a careful advice before going out, you can also protect her carefully when crossing the road, remind her to eat on time, and so on. Try to care about each other on the details of life. If the two are in different places, in this case, girls may not answer your phone call and return your text message. First of all, you have to know, even if she ignores you, you must continue. Many times girls just want to want to Try you in this way, so don’t be abandoned halfway. If you can fly to her city right away, it is best, because the emergence of you in a hurry is enough to make her move in her heart. If you can’t appear immediately, you can take the time to secretly go to her city. At this time, you appear inadvertently, and hold a drink in your hand to walk at her. Keep in mind that the publicity is not as good as the action table.

Third: Communicate, solve the problem

In encountering problems or disputesAt this time, we want to do my best to solve the problem, but the Cold War is not a solution. Generally speaking, the contradiction between men and women is easy to solve without involving the problem of principles. As long as one party actively shows weakness, the other party will also give the steps. However, if you touch the principle problem, it is difficult to have any skills. At this time, what should be done with her is calm. The purpose of communication is to find the root cause of the cold war. Some couples appeared because they did not know what they were thinking. It’s like going out for dinner. The man asked his girlfriend to eat. The woman said casually. In fact, she didn’t want casual, but hoped that you could help her be the master. It is best to click what she likes. However It has become a source of contradiction. Some men and women have the cold war because there are some differences in each other, and they may involve in principle problems.

For example, there are some opposite sex friends around the man who often talks with them. As a girlfriend, there will be some conflicts, otherwise boys will do the same. If the boy talks with friends of the opposite sex, just work or some trivial matters, just make it clear, the woman should learn to understand. However, if the man chats with the opposite sex with some unrelated jobs or even emotional topics, he thinks that there is no fault, and the woman will think that this is an infidelity, which involves the problem of principles. In this case, the man’s statement is critical, depending on whether you want to change your concept for her. The length of the Cold War is a sign that it really lacks communication with each other. Open your heart, experience the other party’s feelings, and find the differences between the two. If you intend to change for her, you must reflect on yourself, recognize your own shortcomings and work hard. Self -reflection is more like a powerful commitment. If you are willing to change, she will definitely look at you. If there is a problem, you should communicate in time. The smartest way to solve the cold war is to do it early and deal with it early. Because if you do not seize the root cause of the problem, the cold war will appear again next time, so that no end will be exhausted. It is said that women’s hearts are underwater needles, but they can’t see it. In fact, otherwise, the girls seem to have a temper to carry out a cold war. That is a lack of security. You only need to understand that she actually wants to get your attention and care, only only But the way of expression is different. As the saying goes, the woman you see, you have to finish kneeling! You are her big masters, do you not coax the love enemy?

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