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Alien love is a way of love that many people are talking about. Two people in a long distance must be chatted by chatting. Many people think long -distance communication is a big problem.

How to get along with the blind date object

Set some principles and rules for your relationship

Dr. Greg Goodner The study of the relationship found that 70%of the couples in different places did not set the principles or responded to changes, so they parted ways within six months. This means that the two parties set some principles to guide your relationship in different places. This includes the two parties agree not to date others, communicate every day, and see at least two or three months.

Daily exchanges

The successful relationship between different places is because they can imitate normal relationships. One of them is daily communication. The emergence of the Internet is a good opportunity for people in different places. Not only can you communicate freely through email and instant messaging tools, but you can also chat with each other through free Skype services. This can avoid a monthly telephone fee of $ 500.

Express your feelings.

expressing feelings through mail, instant messaging, telephone and other methods, it is very important for the development and stability of your relationship. One of the ways to improve your relationship stability are to comfort her/he will be responsible and rest assured that the other party will be assured. When you express your feelings, you know you are giving, you will maintain your relationship.

Living in two places at the same time

Even a few hours from the partner, you can experience the “dating night” together. For example, go to two places to watch movies at the same time. I plan to watch movies at the same time, and then call each other to discuss each other. It is interesting to know that the other party does the same thing at the same time. You can share it for a while, even if you are in two places.

Don’t take it for granted

Be sure to determine the other party’s feelings. Don’t take it for granted. People know what you are thinking. Share with her. No matter whether it is good or bad, my feelings for your feelings cannot be blurred. Of course, the relationship between different places will be destroyed, and clear communication will make different places successful. Let another person know your ambitions, fear, emotions, desires. This helps the other party to share more deep things with you, after you have mastered the communication skills together.

Trust each other

Inferiority and lack of trust will destroy a beautiful relationship. For example, I know a woman met a very good man. She spent three years “recovering” the first man that he met after he came over. Unfortunately, she still bears the feeling of last failure. She classified this good person into bad guys. She was suspicious, lacked security, and eventually lost him. Don’t entangle now with the past. Give the presentA chance. My philosophy is that I believe you completely until you are not worthy of believe. If you don’t trust each other in a deep place, then you are destroying your feelings.

Send Acacia thousands of miles

From time to time, prepare something from the other half from different places to express your care. There are some things here for reference only (your own plan, of course, you can’t let you post all at once): book, telephone card, considerate chocolate, music, video message, intellectual testing, candy, real rose, postcard, plush toys, fakes, fakes, fakes, fakes, fakes, fakes, fakes Roses, festivals, bottle comments, chocolate roses, pressure patterns, your photos, carving roses, gift cards, jewelry, etc. The more personalized the gift, the more effective the other party receives it. For example, send a few photos of you, say “I love you” (of course you can write your name, don’t leave white). When you send the book, remember to choose the other party with passion, and then write the note and clip it in. When the voice is pronounced, I also wrote something, and let her/he know you were thinking of her/him. Go to the MM website to order personalized milk chocolate sugar. Intellectual testing can also be customized. SPA (hot spring bath) who called the partner to do the card and send it to her/him!

It is planned to meet regularly

For the success of different places, it is very important to meet often. Just like the first rules, set a rule, how long is it to meet and when to meet. After you book a day, make sure this day is not disturbed. When you cancel the meeting (“Friends invite me to play by the beach” or “I forgot that the final exam that week”), you are telling the other party that this relationship is nothing to you. In order to see her/him, you should cancel all the arrangements. If other things interfere with the meeting, it may be time to re -consider why they are together.

Share passion

If you can be fused, you will know your partner more, especially in different places. After that, you will know the other party’s good and evil. Find her/he has enthusiasm for what he is, and then you can join. For example, the other party likes tennis, but you never fight. Start with tennis lessons, and then communicate with others. I think that you have passion for everything, and then sharing together will greatly enhance your relationship.


You often hear others say “I like surprise”. The surprise is fun, because it comes suddenly, it reflects the consideration and fun of people who make surprises. Think about what you can surprise others. But don’t make people feel that this should have been like this long ago, then they will expect surprises.

How to deal with different places after blind date

Increase communication
Now, the telephone network communication technology is developed, and the distance can no longer hinder each other’s communication. Essence Send care to the other party regularly through telephone or video, and share what you hear and see with each other. Slowly, you will find each otherThe distance is getting closer. Don’t feel trouble or impatient, otherwise the other party will consider, which is not conducive to long -term feelings.

Development, be sure to remember that a successful relationship must be based on communication. Want to do everything possible to increase the number of times the two parties

Although love is a virtual thing, the highest state of love is the realization of the truth. If you say you love him/her, then you let him/her feel, then It is crucial for maintaining the feelings of long -distance love. It is best to see the last time or one month for two weeks or a month. Seeing it once a while to avoid the disgust that will produce every day. Cherish the opportunities and time of meeting each other more, which is more conducive to the height of the feelings of different places.

Trust the other party

Love is the most taboo that is not trustworthy and suspicion of each other, especially for different places. If you always ask the whereabouts of the other party and want to know the movement of the other party, maybe he/she will report patiently with you at first, but the time for a long time, the other party will be tired. Love is based on understanding and trust. Don’t easily doubt your other half, but you have to trust your original choice. When the other half is suspicious, first of all, you need to answer patiently, and the second is to get more trust in the other party. Do not quarrel because of a word, so it will only lose.

Men speak to women

Frequently praise their women

Smart men will often praise their women. For example: “Wife, you are so beautiful today!” Or, “Wife, why are you getting better and more beautiful!” In fact, men may not really pay much attention, but because of this sentence, it will bring a woman to pay attention to her The feeling of her natural heart is as happy as flowers. Women in front of the man he loves, who cares more about the image in his eyes. If men always praise her, they will make women feel confident, and the happier she will be. As soon as she was happy, her husband and wife lived more and more harmonious. On the contrary, if a man gets a woman, he starts to pay attention to her, ignores it, and does not even know what she wore a day. Such indifference will only make her more and more chilling.

Do not hesitate to speak love

Love words, many men will say to women who are in love when they start to fall in love, but once they get married, they may throw this matter to Jiuxiaoyun out of Jiuxiaoyun. It’s right. In fact, if married men often talk to their wives, they can add fun to life, but also unexpected gains. For example, a man who has been married for many years, if he often said to a woman at the right time (such as love after love), “Wife, I love you!” This sentence makes her more exciting than buying ten famous brand bags for women. Love is always used for women, and it will never be out of date. Women are emotional exercises, like to listen to good words, as long as the man coax her, even if you give you a cowShe is willing to be a horse.

Holding responsibility on himself

Some husbands and wives often quarrel because of some family trivial matters. For most people, they like to push the responsibility to each other to prove that they are right. In fact, smart men will not do this, he will only take responsibility on himself. Whether it is really his responsibility or not, he will also receive it because he loves this woman and is not willing to be wronged by her grievances. Essence For example, the faucet in the family has not been very good. Women let men cultivate. Men always have no action. One day, the faucet bursts. Then, the woman’s temper also burst. At this time, a smart man will quickly change the drainage of the water, and then soothe the woman’s temper: “My dear, it’s my fault. I should listen to you early and replace it. My fault, you can rest assured, I will do all the jobs, and you can do your satisfaction, okay? If you are not satisfied, or do you call me a few more times? “You said, a man said that, the woman still said, the woman still still好意思再生他的氣么?



當When you caught a cold, when he was seeking comfort to him, he just said a “um”, and did not show too much concern to you, or found a reason to say that he was busy working. When you tell him to ask him to pick you up with you somewhere, he always has i and tells you to go. You said that it was cold, he said he paid attention, and he was not a child. Such indifferent responses show that his heart is no longer on you.

The man who left the left no longer has a common topic with you

I always have an endless topic when you are with him, he will always take the initiative to provoke some interesting topics Essence But once he starts to leave you down, you sit together, he is unwilling to speak to you. Often sitting around you and only playing games or watching his own game. This is not that he is fine, but he is too lazy to tell you.

The man who left you always compares you with others

This is obvious boredom, revealing the idea of u200bu200bescape in the cold fall. I often say, “You look at the opposite sex, how gentle, you don’t give me a space at all.” Therefore, it shows that he already has a better candidate in his heart, so that you feel that you have not met the requirements anymore.

The man who left the left no longer does some intimate actions to you

The man who left you away is generally a distance between you and you. Such sweet movements, such as hug, kiss, etc., basically rarely get it, and even intentionally avoid your love.

The tolerance of the man who is left left will also decrease

In the past, quarrels between you, he always bowed his head first, you ignoreHe also actively comforts you.Once a man starts to leave you down, he will fall away without saying a word, and even never come back all night.The inquiry of you is full of ears.

The man who left you always dislikes you

The man who left your man is unwilling to listen to what happened to you, and even think you are annoying.Complaining that you always disturb him.In short, when a man is left out of you, what you do is superfluous for him, and it will be comfortable to keep him from him.

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